Good things

6 Jun

Thank you to all of you who shared your happy things with me!  Every comment made me smile.  Feel free to keep ’em coming; I will put them all by for a future rainy day.

I’m going to be honest, I didn’t get a whole lot done this past weekend, but instead of feeling guilty and anxious about it, I’m feeling… rather refreshed.

Today was a stay-at-home day.  I did a little shopping, a little banking, and a little puttering around in the garden while the girls invaded the new neighbour’s yard to play on the new swings there.

Our new neighbour includes a new little friend for Jade and Halia.  She’s right in between them in age, cute as a button, and it makes my heart smile to hear the three of them playing together.  Sometimes I am breathless at how beautiful they all are.

There are days when weeding the flowerbed feels like a chore.  In fact, I hadn’t touched our front garden at all yet this spring.  But today, with a new sun hat,  a dandelion digger, and my skin tingling to the touch of the sunbeams, I was a happy girl yanking those yellow suckers out of there and clearing out last year’s debris.

There’s going to be a bumper crop of strawberries this year.

I’m shivering a bit right now, after a long chat out in the yard with a new friend.  The sunny evening sure cooled off quickly, but I’m warming up the dregs of my tea to stave off the chill, and that part of my soul that craves personal connection needs no rewarming.

This is not the “Good Things” post I intended to write.  That post was going to look at all the things I am grateful for in my life, even though I feel like crumpling into a heap and weeping at the thought of everything that needs to get done.

Instead, I am finding that today, I am just grateful.

One Response to “Good things”

  1. Barbara June 9, 2011 at 4:40 pm #

    Especially cute is the slightly baggy back end of the in-between-new-friend’s swim suit!

    This was a gift-post to me. I am especially vulnerable to letting myself be overwhelmed instead of grateful. *slowreleasebreath* Ah. Feels better.

    I’ve pushed myself into joy over some late gardening, too.

    A bumper-crop of strawberries! I will have to stave-off jealousy now, too! 😉

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