Stuff I posted elsewhere

5 Mar

Whew, I survived February. I wasn’t sure I would. Here’s what I’ve been up to at other places online since my last blog post.

On my music blog…

I posted about my hair. And how I got it to behave in proper 1940s fashion.

On Facebook…

(Feb 12) “Mama, can I have a square of honeydew?”
“You mean a cube?”
“Yes. A tube.”

(Feb 15) Halia’s first day at Judith’s Day Home. She asked to go from the moment we got up and when I told her I was leaving she said she was too busy playing to hug me.

(Feb 20) Maybe there are times telling someone you’ve been hurt serves no useful purpose. Sometimes, you’ve just got to suck it up, learn the lesson, and move on. You think?

(Feb 21) Nothing like sitting down to dinner, one’s first proper meal of the day, and landing one’s tush in a puddle of apple juice.

(Feb 21) Halia just wrote her name all by herself in pink marker. :).

(Feb 25) Well… booked the flights to Norway and from Finland in May… (!!!)

(Feb 27) Boil water for tea. Forget to make tea. Re-boil water. Forget again. Perhaps I should just stand by the kettle and focus on one task at a time? Life’s little lessons…

(Feb 28) RELIEF!! Except for one teensy detail that will have to wait until business hours tomorrow, I finally finished that gargantuan report I’ve been working on. Okay, it’s only 20 pages, but it felt huge to me.

(Feb 29) Halia (sobbing): “Mama! I hurted myself!”
Me: “Aww, Halia, you hurt yoursef?”
Halia (wailing): “The wall hitted me!!”

(Mar 2) Had leftover salmon, so made a dairy-free salmon paté. Yum!

(Mar 4) A great morning with the girls at the ski hill. Jade went up on the tow bar and skied down ALL BY HERSELF. Twice. I think that already qualifies her as a better skier than me.

Jade & Halia Fingerpainting

(Mar 5) Finger-painting this morning. I can’t think of a better way to illustrate the difference in personalities (and ages). Jade got ONE finger paint-y, and wiped it off each time she changed colours. She painted an orderly row of smiling people. Halia got in there with both hands and mixed it all up. Then she got the bathroom counter covered in paint when she went to wash up.

And on Twitter…

(Feb 29) I like the Facebook me better than the Twitter me. The blog me is neglected. There are too many mes. Or not enough of me.

(Feb 29) Eating PB straight from the jar. Because I can.

(Feb 29) Both my girls are giggling their heads off. Best music in the world.

(Mar 4) If I follow someone on Twitter, and they follow me back… aren’t we going in circles?


One Response to “Stuff I posted elsewhere”

  1. Captain Momma March 6, 2012 at 1:21 pm #

    Oh my heavens! Your hair turned out BEAUTIFUL!! It sounds like a fabulous time. I seriously almost used my airmiles to come up and see it. I didn’t think the newborn would appreciate it 😉
    Norway? You are going to Norway??! Do tell! I want to go (I am Norwegian and speak some) so bad. I am in love with Scandinavian design 🙂 very envious over here but hoping you have a fabous trip nonetheless!
    The girls are adorable! And wow! Halia can print her name! Yay Halia!

    Have a great March!


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