10 Jun

The rest of our Norway/Finland trip was a whirlwind marathon of long driving days — sometimes 11 hours! — and short nights.  There was amazing scenery, sumptuous food (also roadside gas station sandwiches), and many photos taken, and I do hope to get around to posting stories and pictures from it sometime soon.

Summer in the Yukon is a manic time — everyone wants to be out in the sunshine as much as humanly possible, and homes fall into disarray as household chores are abandoned. Well, maybe that’s just my house.

This week, there’s the added craziness stemming from the Yukon’s road access being cut off from the south. A couple of points of the Alaska Highway have been washed out, which means tourists and supply trucks can’t get in, and some are stranded in small communities between washouts. Check out that CBC newslink and you’ll see how dramatic it is. Fresh produce, milk, and fresh meat are all pretty much gone from the grocery store shelves. Michael decided to take a drive down to a grocery store this morning, just to check out what it looks like.

(Breaking news: apparently some parts of the Alaska Highway have been reopened. Check out the photo on the news story of the bare shelves at Extra Foods, though!)

In the meantime, I jumped into rehearsals for the Frantic Follies the day after I got home from Europe. This vaudeville show is now in its 43rd season, and one of the founders, Lyall Murdoch, is still running the show! The other guy running the Follies is Grant Simpson, who was the creative mind who instigated that Cole Porter show I did a month ago. (Incidentally, I put up a video clip from the show on my music blog. You can check out Miss Otis Regrets there!)

I had less than two weeks to learn my part, which includes five songs, plus the opening and finale group dance numbers, and some backstage techie work for another scene. It’s been quite intense, but lots of fun. I first saw the show in 2006, when Jade was just a baby. When the leading lady came onstage, I thought, “I could do that! I would love to do that!” …And now I get to do it! I feel very lucky to be part of such a fun cast.

The girls came and saw the show on Friday night. It starts at 8:30 p.m., which is an hour past their bedtime, and runs until 10. The show is full of glitter and colour and music and laughs. They were both fascinated the whole time and want to come again.

(And, pssst!  If you’re in Whitehorse, you should come, too!)


One Response to “Interlude”

  1. captainmomma June 10, 2012 at 9:07 pm #

    That’s unbelievable! We have a sign on the way to our house and it was flashing that Hwy 1 was closed to the Yukon and then I read your post! Insane weather! We’re to get more rain all week. Maybe it’ll wash away the tent caterpillars??!

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