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Life’s big mysteries

5 Feb

There is a camera crew coming in the morning to do a story on Michael‘s application for The Best Job in the World for CBC North’s Northbeat news program.  Which means the house needs to be taken from “disaster” to “semi-presentable”.  Which leaves my mind time to ponder life’s greater mysteries.

Such as:

  • Why is it impossible for me to get to bed before midnight?
  • Why don’t they sell single rubber gloves so that right-handed people can stop stock-piling the left-handed gloves while constantly replacing the punctured right-handed ones?
  • Why can’t certain, ahem, somebodies remember to tell me their plans so that I don’t wonder what time they’ll be home?
  • Why don’t toddlers understand the word “hurry”?
  • Why would we all get colds just when there are cameras coming to the house?
  • Why do we have pets with both dark and light hair?
  • Why do lasagna recipes always tell you to start with a layer of sauce?  Doesn’t it seem like a big waste that it doesn’t all get scooped up when you serve it?

The “Best Job in the World” Giveaway

29 Jan

Do any of you remember this post?

I know!  In the blog world, that post was, like, forever ago!  But now I can finally tell you what it was all about!

My husband Michael is applying for The Best Job in the World.  It’s a 6-month job that involves hiking, snorkeling, swimming, lounging, shopping, and what-have-you, and then blogging about it.  Michael is totally the perfect person for this job, he really is.  (And I’m the perfect person to go along with it, of course.)

In order to apply, Michael had to make a 60-second-or-less video that shows why he is the perfect person for the job.  That video is what those people were laughing at.  Don’t you just have to see it now?

Well, not only will I tell you where you can see it, I will also tell you how you can win your very own brand-spankin’ new 1G iPod Shuffle while you’re at it!  Here’s what you do.

1. Click over here to watch the video.

2. Rate the video (which obviously deserves 5 stars, right?!) by clicking on the “Rating” section to the right.  (Some browsers seem to have trouble with this; if it doesn’t work for you, try using a different browser.)

3. Go to this post and leave a comment telling Michael that you watched the video.  That gets you an entry into the draw.

4. If you have a blog, write a post about the giveaway, linking back to Michael’s post and to the video.  That gets you a second entry into the draw!

(Then go and watch the video again because it’s so darned funny, you can’t resist.)still-16

Watch this spot

19 Jan