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To bottle or not to bottle

9 May

My latest Canada Moms Blog post is up.  Click on over to read about the fun of giving Halia her first bottle.

In which I admit that I’ve been cheating on you

5 May

You’d think Yukoners would be used to the cold and quit complaining about the weather, but last summer was a pretty crummy summer — cold and rainy — and everyone grumbled about it.  So we all entered winter slightly disgruntled and were ready to complain some more, especially when we got record amounts of snow that necessitated a whole lotta shovelling.  (Except for me, of course, because I never complain about the weather and I rarely shovel snow, either, especially while pregnant.  Dum dee dum.)

So it might not be surprising that these past two weeks, in which we have had sunny blue skies every single day, and in which we have regularly been hitting 18° C or more here in Whitehorse, everyone has been spending as much time as possible outside.  It’s been lots of fun bumping into friends and neighbours in the streets, visiting the playground with its swings newly freed from the snow, discovering toys in the backyard that haven’t been seen in months.  And hello, barbeque!

It’s been so nice out that when we got together with some neighbourhood friends this morning, the kids were going barefoot while dumping loads of water into the sandbox.  It was quite a sight to see those chubby little toddler feet wandering around in the warm grass, right past the patches of snow that haven’t quite melted out of the shadows yet.  Did I mention we got record amounts of snow?

It’s been so nice out, we’ve broken out the t-shirts and sunglasses and gone out without jackets.  It’s been so nice out, we were finally able to get the roof installed on our greenhouse, and our friend / contractor Ryan is putting the finishing touches on it this week.

It’s been so nice out, I haven’t even wanted to blog.

And since I am admitting to you that I’ve been cheating on you with that fickle mistress, sunshine, I’ll also tell you about the other blog I’m writing for.  (*gasp!*)

A couple of months ago, I was asked to join Canada Moms Blog, and I was so flattered that I acquiesced.  Some of the best bloggers in the country are there (yeah, I’m in over my head!) so I’m sure you’ll find posts that you’ll relate to.  I’m trying very hard not to get hooked on any new blogs when I go over there.  It’s set to officially launch on the weekend, so you’ll probably hear more about it soon. 

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote my first post there: “Is Three a Crowd?” about having a third child.  Click on over to see what that was all about.