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Halia, talking to herself whilst colouring

16 Apr

“I went for a walk and found some wild animals. Oh! Were they lost? No, I’ll take them home tomorrow.”

I believe she’s looking for a venue to have her first stand-up comedy show.

And now for a poop tale

31 Mar

I’ve had this deep philosophical post planned out in my head for weeks now, but haven’t got round to committing it to, er, pixels. These things take time. But here’s a post about ¬†this morning, as told to my sis via Skype. Because I notice the last post I did was about pee, so of course we’ve got to up the ante. Be sure to picture it all clearly in your mind for maximum comedic effect.

So Nem and I were just chatting about summer plans, like so…

[8:08 AM] {blah, blah, blah, plan, plan, plan, plot, plot, plot}

[8:09 AM] Fawn: hang on – poo emergency

[8:09 AM] Nemmy: I keep telling him the Dempster will still be there later ūüėČ

[8:09 AM] Nemmy: we’ll discuss it over breakfast… and no problem, poo comes first haha


[8:19 AM] Fawn: well, that was fun ūüėõ

[8:20 AM] Nemmy: the poo emergency?

[8:20 AM] Fawn: yeah

[8:20 AM] Nemmy: what happened?

[8:20 AM] Nemmy: (baby just knocked the castle over… she’s such a brute… lol)

[8:20 AM] Fawn: Halia was in the bathroom crying and I asked her if she was okay

[8:20 AM] Fawn: She said, “Waahhhh, I got poo on it!”

[8:20 AM] Fawn: brb – bacon needs flipping

[8:21 AM] Fawn: Okay, so I go into the bathroom, and there’s runny yellow poop all over the floor in front of the toilet

[8:22 AM] Fawn: Halia’s upset that she didn’t make it to the toilet

[8:22 AM] Nemmy: awwww

[8:22 AM] Fawn: there was no toilet paper left on the roll

[8:22 AM] Nemmy: awwww

[8:22 AM] Fawn: (all in the toilet)

[8:22 AM] Nemmy: bahahaha

[8:22 AM] Fawn: and so she took a brand new roll out

[8:22 AM] Nemmy: wait, she put the toilet paper in the toilet???

[8:22 AM] Fawn: Yes, she tried to clean up the mess

[8:22 AM] Fawn: by herself

[8:22 AM] Fawn: and the poop was smeared everywhere

[8:23 AM] Fawn: got it all over herself, of course

[8:23 AM] Nemmy: lol

[8:23 AM] Fawn: and on the newspaper that was on the floor that I hadn’t had a chance to read yet

[8:23 AM] Fawn: (darn you, Michael!)

[8:23 AM] Nemmy: ah, the glamour of motherhood

[8:23 AM] Fawn: and the brand new roll of toilet paper was in the puddle of poop

[8:23 AM] Nemmy: lmao

[8:23 AM] Nemmy: a perfect storm

[8:23 AM] Fawn: ūüėÄ

[8:23 AM] Fawn: Poor Halia

[8:24 AM] Nemmy: ok, i better get baby all dressed

[8:24 AM] Fawn: K – ttyl

[8:24 AM] Nemmy: give her a hug from me

[8:24 AM] Fawn: Okay

[8:24 AM] Nemmy: loooove you

[8:24 AM] Fawn: Looooooooove you more

Stuff I posted elsewhere

5 Mar

Whew, I survived February. I wasn’t sure I would. Here’s what I’ve been up to at other places online since my last blog post.

On my music blog…

I posted about my hair. And how I got it to behave in proper 1940s fashion.

On Facebook…

(Feb 12)¬†“Mama, can I have a square of honeydew?”
“You mean a cube?”
“Yes. A tube.”

(Feb 15) Halia’s first day at Judith’s Day Home. She asked to go from the moment we got up and when I told her I was leaving she said she was too busy playing to hug me.

(Feb 20)¬†Maybe there are times telling someone you’ve been hurt serves no useful purpose. Sometimes, you’ve just got to suck it up, learn the lesson, and move on. You think?

(Feb 21)¬†Nothing like sitting down to dinner, one’s first proper meal of the day, and landing one’s tush in a puddle of apple juice.

(Feb 21) Halia just wrote her name all by herself in pink marker. :).

(Feb 25)¬†Well… booked the flights to Norway and from Finland in May…¬†(!!!)

(Feb 27)¬†Boil water for tea. Forget to make tea. Re-boil water. Forget again. Perhaps I should just stand by the kettle and focus on one task at a time? Life’s little lessons…

(Feb 28) RELIEF!! Except for one teensy detail that will have to wait until business hours tomorrow, I finally finished that gargantuan report I’ve been working on. Okay, it’s only 20 pages, but it felt huge to me.

(Feb 29) Halia (sobbing): “Mama! I hurted myself!”
Me: “Aww, Halia, you hurt yoursef?”
Halia (wailing): “The wall hitted me!!”

(Mar 2) Had leftover salmon, so made a dairy-free salmon paté. Yum!

(Mar 4) A great morning with the girls at the ski hill. Jade went up on the tow bar and skied down ALL BY HERSELF. Twice. I think that already qualifies her as a better skier than me.

Jade & Halia Fingerpainting

(Mar 5)¬†Finger-painting this morning. I can’t think of a better way to illustrate the difference in personalities (and ages). Jade got ONE finger paint-y, and wiped it off each time she changed colours. She painted an orderly row of smiling people. Halia got in there with both hands and mixed it all up. Then she got the bathroom counter covered in paint when she went to wash up.

And on Twitter…

(Feb 29) I like the Facebook me better than the Twitter me. The blog me is neglected. There are too many mes. Or not enough of me.

(Feb 29) Eating PB straight from the jar. Because I can.

(Feb 29) Both my girls are giggling their heads off. Best music in the world.

(Mar 4)¬†If I follow someone on Twitter, and they follow me back… aren’t we going in circles?

Ctrl + Alt + Delete please

3 Jan

Art by Anne Taintor. I totally borrowed this image without permission, so I'm linking to the store where you can buy these awesome sticky notes. (Click image.)

It’s one of those Murphy’s Law days, where it feels like anything that could go wrong, is going wrong.

I had a long list of stops to make today, with Halia in tow, so I wanted to be out the door by 9:30.

The van wouldn’t start because it never does when the thermometer dips below freezing. Stupid battery. So I hooked up the booster pack and then proceeded to break my fingers uninstalling Halia’s carseat from the back row for reinstallment in the middle row. Now that her cousin’s carseat is no longer in the van, Halia insisted we move her seat back to its rightful place.

After successfully moving the carseat, I tried starting the van again, in vain. I had to interrupt Michael’s client meeting to get him to boost the van from the truck.

As soon as I got the van started, it dinged at me to remind me the gas tank was close to empty. ¬†I’d had to drive around for a few things on January 1st, when no gas stations were open, so the tank was getting down to its last fumes. ¬†I was halfway out of the neighbourhood when I remembered the banking paperwork I had to take with me, so I drove home. Then down to the gas station. (Made it! Whew!) Where the van wouldn’t restart.

A gruff old guy was kind of enough to give me another boost (after I’d dropped my keys in the gas station garbage, fished them out again, and made a fool of myself trying to untangle the booster cables) and he even peered into the engine to tell me the alternator was working, but it looked like one cell of my battery had boiled.

Every month I have to go to the bank to take care of some business that is stuck in the dark ages and can’t be done online. I walked into the bank and was delighted to see there was no lineup. ¬†One teller was just coming free, hurrah, and it was… oh no, it was the guy I dealt with last month who had no clue what he was doing and caused me to be in the bank for over 45 minutes. ¬†I will say he was a bit quicker this month, but I’m sure the long line of customers that formed behind me didn’t appreciate that I was taking up two tellers after he got stumped.

Then there was the soaking of my jacket sleeve by the faucets at the library bathrooms, forgetting things at the grocery store, and the frightening cost of Nanuq’s medication refills, but the coup de gr√Ęce¬†was when I decided, after all the other tasks were over, to let Halia have a snack in the van while I quickly ran into the pharmacy to buy her vitamins. ¬†I left the van running this time, to keep it warm and to prevent the need for another boost, but when I got back outside, the van was locked!¬†This never happens. ¬†The van doors only lock when the van hits 30 kmph, or when it’s manually locked, and I sure as heck did not lock my kid into the running van.

I phoned Michael, who was on the road heading for another client meeting.  He had to turn around and go home to get the other van key for me, making him late for his meeting. Thank goodness Whitehorse is so small; I think it took only about 20 minutes for him to get there, maybe less, but I was freezing my buns off by the time he arrived.

Halia was fantastic through it all. I hope it wasn’t just because I’d promised her a chocolate-chip cookie if she kept her listening ears on all day. But you know, on a day like today, I’m not at all above bribery.

And I’m not above having a chocolate-chip cookie for myself, either.

Waiting for the party

13 Nov

Halia turned three on Friday and we had a lovely day together as a family, with Michael returning home from a week away that afternoon.  She was old enough to ask for a party this year, so we hosted that today.  There was a balloon forest, a clown, chocolate cupcakes with pink frosting (gluten-free and vegan, and absolutely delicious, natch), dancing, giggling, and balloon sword fights.

There are days when the girls are at each others’ throats all day long. ¬†And there are days where they are inseparable best of friends. ¬†Here’s what they were doing today while waiting for the first party guests to arrive. ¬†It might be a bit long for those of us used to 30-second clips, but the whole thing makes me smile.

I didn’t know Michael was filming, or I’d have stopped putting dishes away. ¬†No, I wouldn’t, but I’d have been quieter about it. ¬†Oh, and it was Jade who put The Four Seasons in the CD player, by the way.

Well, of course you did

29 Sep

Halia, holding a whole red pepper that has fallen to the filthy, dusty, dog-hair-covered kitchen floor: “Mama, can I eat the wed pawt on dis?”

Me: “No, Halia, it needs to be washed first.”

Me, noticing a bruise on the pepper and mistaking it for a bite mark: “Halia, did you already take a bite out of that?”

Halia: “No.”

Me: “Oh, good.”

Halia: “I licked it.”


29 Jul

It has been a hectic week. ¬†Four of the five suitcases from our trip are still sitting, unpacked, on the basement floor. ¬†I’ve spent a total of about 16 hours in the recording studio, which has been thrilling and exhausting at the same time. ¬†Jade has been attending music camp for three quarters of an hour every morning, the sessions being just short enough that it doesn’t make sense to try to run errands as they unfold.

A few days after we got back, Halia came down with a fever and some kind of stomach bug and I got to reacquaint myself with the art of catching vomit with whatever happens to be available.  On top of that, she is in the throes of exploring preschooler independence, which manifests itself in saying mean things to Jade (which makes Jade cry), selective listening, tantrums, and teenageresque expressiveness.

“Halia, get off my chair,” I might say.

“Okaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy,” she’ll drawl back, her voice implying the rolling eyes she has not yet learned to do.

She’s a challenge for sure, and she tests my patience daily. ¬†Hourly.

This morning I was thinking back to what Jade was like at this same age.  That puts us back in September of 2008, a time I try not to think too much about.  That was a month before Jade started on the ketogenic diet, a time where her seizures were getting progressively worse, the last month we had her in daycare before her seizures became so severe it was no longer safe to send her there.

I remember hearing friends bemoaning their children’s behaviour, who were doing exactly the same kinds of things Halia is doing now. ¬†I remember thinking, “I would take those challenges over what Jade is going through. ¬†Any day.” ¬†I remember wishing I could complain about the same mundane things.

And here I am. ¬†It’s exhausting, yes, but oh my… Right at this moment, I feel so damn lucky.