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Halia the Brave

14 Oct


This morning, Halia shouted out at the breakfast table in great excitement, “Mama, it’s loose!!!” In the way of small children, Halia has been waiting impatiently for her first loose tooth, feeling as though she is behind everyone else.

Yesterday we noticed she has an adult central incisor already coming up behind the baby tooth, but didn’t notice the baby tooth being particularly loose. But this morning, it was moveable.

By the time Halia got off the bus after school, the tooth was positively precarious and Halia spent a lot of time crying as she ate her afternoon snack and kept accidentally bumping it. Finally, while I was cooking supper, I had a closer look and realized it was barely hanging on.

“Halia, do you want me to just pull it out for you?” I was surprised when she nodded a tearful yes.  (Jade has adamantly refused to let us touch her loose teeth.) “It will hurt for a moment,” I said.

“I know,” she said. “I want you to pull it out.”

I decided the best method, rather than using my fingers, would be to do the old string-attached-to-the-door trick. We got a long length of floss and it took me three tries to get a good knot around the wibbly-wobbly thing. Then I got Halia to stand right by the door and tied it onto the knob.

“Okay,” I said, “now stand back a bit so we can slam the door.” She stepped back. Further than planned. And the tooth was suddenly hanging on the end of the line, swinging from the doorknob. Halia and I looked at each other in surprise and she burst out laughing.

I’d tied such a good knot to the tooth that it took me a minute to extricate it. Halia gleefully took the prize into her eager hands and ran off to show her sister.

As you can see, she’s pretty proud of losing her first tooth.



Teeth and feet and hair, oh my

5 Nov

Halia did something amazing last night.

Our lovely friend Linda came over to babysit so that Michael and I could have a night out and I don’t know what kind of magic she worked, but Halia slept from 8 p.m. until 4 a.m..  That is eight solid hours, which she has never done in her entire life.

I, of course, woke up every couple of hours anyway.  But maybe, just maybe, this is a faint light at the end of that tunnel.  (She writes, just as she is interrupted by the cries of a waking baby.)

PrimaryTeeth - Halia 11.5 MonthsInterrupted nights (and blog posts) notwithstanding, Halia continually amazes me.  It is so fun to watch her personality develop. 

She is so physical and so curious.  She gets into everything.  She is a climber and she is fearless.  It was frightening but not surprising to find her one day, perched atop the child-sized chair in front of the baby gate and shaking the top of it delightedly. 

This week she got her mouth full of Orange Pekoe tea.  Tea leaves, that is.  Apparently, having all the boxes of tea at baby-reachable height is a bad idea.

We can never keep socks on her feet.  I don’t know if the socks offend her or if she just enjoys the independence of pulling them off.

She can practically run now, never mind the walking.

She grew three teeth in the last month.

I have to decide whether to keep putting her hair up (which she always pulls out and which Michael thinks looks ridiculous) or give her her first haircut.

One Tooth

Mid-October, before the other three teeth came in. Can you tell she's going to make trouble?

In the Bin

The troublemaker in the toy bin

On the Piano

On the piano. She climbed up from my lap, grinned at me, then tried to climb even higher.

In the Tea Trolley

Rearranging the teas

Helping with Keto Cooking

Helping us prepare one of Jade's meals

 In less than a week, she’ll be turning one.  One!  How can that be?!  Someone pinch me.  (On second thought, don’t.  My arms are sore from getting flu shots.  Also from constantly being scratched, poked, and gouged by Halia.)

Sharing a Picnic

Sharing a plastic picnic. The best part about having two kids is watching their relationship bloom.

She may not exactly be gentle.  But when she runs over to me and buries her head into the crook of my neck for a cuddle… she sure is irresistable!

Being a good mom

26 Aug

So, I could tell you all about the 15 wasp stings Jade got last night.  Or about the van we bought earlier this summer.  Or the sailboat.  I could update you on how Jade’s diet and seizures are, or tell you about the 2400 km journey we made (almost) to the NWT.  Yes, there’s a ton of stuff I never got around to blogging about.  But instead, I’m going to talk about teeth.

Well, just one tooth.

This tooth:

PrimaryTeeth - Halia 9.5 Months

That would be Halia’s first tooth! 

Long-time readers of my blog know that I announced each of Jade’s new teeth as it came in and I know that’s the riveting stuff people really come back for. 

Okay, not really, except that funny thing is, more than once I’ve found myself going back through my blog posts looking for the tooth posts.  I can’t remember any of the reasons right now, but I know that at that moment it was absolutely vital that I know exactly when Jade’s second lateral incisor (or whatever) erupted.

Besides, second children never have as many pictures taken of them, so the least I can do is fill in the damned tooth charts, right?

So, this particular tooth (yes, I’m still going on about it) was first sighted yesterday.  In fact, we were all at Dr. Kaegi’s office talking about Jade’s allergies when Michael, who had Halia standing in his lap, exclaimed “You have a tooth!” 

“What?” I asked stupidly. 

“She has a tooth!” 

“Where?!” I asked, demonstrating yet again my brilliant presence of mind.

You’ll be glad to know that Michael was kind enough not to reply, “In her mouth.”