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These girls in a nutshell

3 Mar

I couldn’t have made this better if I’d written the script.


19 Jul

My house just keeps getting worse. Summer is so chaotic . We just want to be OUT, but there’s still dishes and laundry piling up and toys always underfoot and half-finished colouring pages and used sleeping bags and half-empty bottles of sunscreen and that dead fly-covered vole Crook somehow caught despite being leashed in the backyard. Plus the actual work work that needs to be done. I’m running from one urgent must-do to another and never catching up.

I don’t mean to complain, but the truth is that the havoc wears on all of our nerves.

Today I have a rare break from the urgency — no gig coming right up that I need to write charts for, no emergency underwear situations, so I will wash a few dishes, haul out a few camping supplies to the shed… and get ready for my 3-day retreat.

I can’t remember if I’ve ever spent more than a few hours completely alone. Sunday, I’m packing up the car with food, some paper and pens, and a good book or two and I’m heading to a friend’s cabin for two nights all to myself. I’m not sure what it will be like. I can’t possibly imagine getting bored, but will I get lonely? I think I’ll be okay.

I envision some time just sitting in the woods (weather permitting) or by the lake, some serious reading time, maybe time to write down some thoughts, or even new song lyrics. I intend to do some meditation. I might even do some work… some enjoyable work that I can complete from start to finish without outside interruption.

Two nights. The possibilities seem limitless, don’t you think?


3 Apr

We had a lovely gathering at Lake Laberge, as is our tradition. The girls charmed everyone with their chatterbox ways and their “pretend” games. I marvelled at how much easier this Easter was, with Halia aged four and much more independent of me. Fire-roasted lamb and salmon, ham from the woodstove, and potluck side dishes made quite the feast indeed. I tried shooting a bow and arrow for the first time and have the proof in the form of a bruise on my arm.

It was a good time to recuperate from the marathon leading up to the release of my first album, to enjoy the company of my little family, and the the friends who make up our extended family, to soak up the sunshine.

In a word, delightful.

What I did today instead of blogging

27 Oct
  • Got Jade dressed, fed, and over to the next neighbourhood to catch the school bus.
  • Took Halia for two vaccines at the Health Clinic.
  • Took Halia out for lunch as a treat for being so good at having her shots.
  • Gave her four tiny bites of a coveted “chocolate mousie”.
  • Lived to regret it.
  • Picked Jade up from school during recess to take her to the audiologist.  Again.
  • Found out her left ear tube is still plugged up with ear wax.
  • Negotiated with Jade about not going back to school.
  • Went to a meeting at the MusicYukon office and attempted to keep Halia from disrupting someone else’s phone meeting while discussing invoicing and project evaluation.
  • Cooked supper.
  • Put the kids to bed solo, as it’s band night for Michael
  • Helped a neighbour stack his woodpile.
  • Packed Jade’s keto lunch and snacks and scrapers and tiny forks and straw and juice plus got breakfast ready to go.  (This kills me every night.  Why don’t I do this during the day?)
  • Sent two invoices for projects I’ve been working on.
  • Wonder why the heck I am writing this boring laundry list post.

At least I can see where the day goes…

Squeaking by

3 Jun

There are so many awesome things going on in my life right now, but I’m spending a disproportionate amount of time feeling anxious and overwhelmed.  My plate is just a wee bit too full and a big part of me dearly wishes I were done with my job already. I keep reminding myself I just have to hang in there for a few more weeks.

I’ve had to turn down some performance opportunities this month because I’m already overcommitted.  I hope August is as ripe with opportunities as June seems to be!

When I start to get stressed, I am trying to remind myself to deal with one thing at a time, to try to live in the moment.  I’m having a cup of tea each evening after the kids go to bed, and lowering my standards for how tidy the house has to be.  I’m trying to perform random acts of kindness, and focussing on the joy of girly giggles and squeaking swings.

It doesn’t always work, but often it does.

Tell me, please: what is making you happy today?  Share your joy with me!

And I promise I have a “Good Things” post coming soon.

I love my keto kid: post-Easter edition

28 Apr

The kids got to have two Easter egg hunts this year.  There was the Easter bunny visit to our house, of course, and Jade was so excited that he hid the plastic treasure-filled eggs in the living room and the kitchen this year.

Then we went out to our friends’ cabin at Lake Laberge and coloured eggs and then had an outdoor hunt.  Jade and Halia collected over 30 caramel-filled chocolate eggs between the two of them.  I let Halia eat five (actually, I said she could have three, but she managed to con her way into two more).  Jade wanted to keep a few, and I let her, even though she couldn’t eat them, of course.  I encouraged her to give them away to people, and she did that charmingly.

Today I found the last one, all deformed from having melted, then cooled, in the pocket of the dress she wore that night.

The wrapping was intact.  She hadn’t tried to open it at all.

I marvelled tonight that she is so trustworthy and so disciplined, that when she slipped it into her pocket on Sunday night, it never even occurred to me  to worry about it.

I shouldn’t take that for granted.  She is one awesome little girl.

I love my keto kid.

Just a quick hello

29 Mar

I’ve got half a post written about the awesomeness that was Rockin the Casbah.  I’ve a post in my head about Purple Day and purple ribbons, and yet another one about the amazing week of vocal jazz workshops I just completed.  I’ve just realized that I’ve unconsciously been trying to launch into a whole new career while still maintaining the status quo of job and home life.  I thought April was going to be a quiet month, but that’s not how it’s shaping up.

I’m still here, but can’t quite be here just now.  But life is good.