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He’s at it again

11 Feb

I laugh every time I hear him squeal before he flops into the water like an ungainly frog.

It didn’t get us to Australia, but now maybe it can take us to New Zealand.

You know, I wouldn’t mind going to New Zealand.  It’s where we were originally thinking of honeymooning.  (We ended up at Disneyland instead!)

It will only work if YOU help us, though!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Go watch the video here.
  2. Register.  (I know it’s a pain… but you can opt out of having anything e-mailed to you!)
  3. Vote.  EVERY DAY!
  4. Like it on Facebook, Tweet it, Stumble it, or whatever, just so long as it gets flogged to death.
  5. Leave a comment on the video.
  6. Tell all your friends to vote EVERY DAY!

Okay, you know what?  I feel slightly sleazy now.  I hate asking for votes for things… But I have to tell you, Michael’s is the best video I’ve seen on there, and the competition isn’t nearly as stiff as it was for the Australia thing, seeing as only Canadians are eligible.

So click on through, my darlings, and let’s see if this crazy stunt can take us all the way to Kiwi Land!

Canadian Blog Awards results

19 Dec

Well, I don’t think the official results are up on the Blog Awards site, but the voting is at an end (view the results here) and the winners have been decided.  I came in… fourth!  It was pretty close, though — thanks again for your support!  Whew, now the pressure won’t be so strong next year, right? 🙂

Congratulations to 1st place winner Loukia from Loulou’s Views, 2nd place Dani from Postcards from the Mothership, and 3rd place Bonnie from Crib Chronicles!

While I’m at it, I want to congratulate Julie, also known as Scientific Chick, who got a well-deserved first place in the Science & Technology category.  Whether you enjoy science or not, I’ll bet you’ll love her fun blog!

Made the cut!

13 Dec

Whew! Thanks to you, I made it into the Top 10 Best Family Blogs in the Canadian Blog Awards! I just found out recently that we can actually go and vote every single day. (That sounds obssessive, doesn’t it? Yeah, it totally does.)

I honestly don’t know how to walk the line between, “La la la, I don’t really care about this kind of thing, it’s not important at all, la la!” and, “But it shows you loooooove meeeeeee!”  (Because I really am a praise junkie, you know.)

Anyway, I’m thrilled that I made the cut (la la la, not important…) and if you just so happen to have another spare second or thirty, you could throw a vote my way (but certainly not every single day from now until December 19th, because that would be obsessive and la la la…)

The procedure is the same as for the first round:

  1. Click here to go to the voting page for Best Family Blog.
  2. Find Fawnahareo’s Place (which is correctly spelled this time, hooray!) on the list.
  3. Click the drop-down list and rank me.  (As, um, 1st.  La la la!) 
  4. Click “vote” and then when your ranking choices show up, click “confirm”.

And that’s it!

You only need to select one blog on the “ballot”, but there are some great other blogs there and you can vote for them at the same time.  All the blogs are hyperlinked now, so you know this is a great way to discover some new blog addictions.

Thanks, y’all!  *smooches* *smooches*

Moi? *blink, blink*

4 Dec

Okay, I’m a little be late to the game here, since the nominations were posted a few days ago, but the fact is I’ve been nominated for a Canadian Blog Award in the category of Best Family Blog.  Yay!  Thanks to Megan (Reflections in the Snow-Covered Hills) for the nomination.

Last year I cheated the system um bribed the judges er somehow managed to score third place in this category and I’d love to at least make it into the “Top 10” round again this year! 

So, if you have a spare second or thirty to throw me a vote, head over to the voting page for the Family category. They’ve set up an interesting ballot this year, where you can rank as many or as few blogs as you want to.  My blog (which, I just found out, is misspelled on the ballot!) is about two-thirds of the way down the list.

My darling hubby’s blog Michael’s Meanderings was also nominated in this category, as is Megan’s, and probably a few others that you will recognize. 

Michael has also ben nominated in the Best Personal Blog category.  (And while I was there, I also discovered Clare’s The House and Other Arctic Musings got nominated there, too.)

And my!  This has become a linky post, hasn’t it?

Thanks heaps, Dad! (And thanks to Aroma Borealis!)

6 Oct

Well, Mother Nature sure rained (or, rather, snowed) on my parade by cutting off the game before it really got a chance to get started.  As you may have read in my updated post, I declared Dave and MFA Mama as winners when I closed the contest around 10:30 a.m.

Luckily for you, my Dad gleefully pointed out how complicated things really were by using my carefully-worded rules against me.  In case you missed it:

Alright, kiddo, hold them horses. Before you declare winners, you may have to do some serious sleuthing yet. Let’s see – if there is one cm on your deck on October 5th I will readily concede defeat for myself, but if you are going to declare runners-up, it gets one whole lot more complicated.

First of all, Stacie bet on “today”. But Dave beat her to “today”, so by your rules, Stacie should be moved to October 6th, which will make HER runner up.

Then there is the question of Murray – your “update” was not time-stamped. This leaves the serious question as to whether or not Murray posted his comment before or after your closing notice. If it was before, then by your rules, Murray would have to move in line after Stacie, which would make him second runner-up. And by the same immutable logic, MFA Mama will be third runner up.

And since you already promised a win to MFA Mama, I hope you got lots of Kleenex in the closet, including the extra box you’ll need to dry off your tears of laughter.

Dang it, I hate it when he’s right.  (Which, he would tell you, is always.)  Murray did indeed post his comment before I closed the contest (which I totally meant to “time stamp”, argh).  So instead of one winner, I now have four!

Mailing out four boxes of Kleenex would totally break my budget for this game.  Happily, I was able to find a prize that I think the four winners will enjoy a lot more.

Aroma Borealis LogoI called up the lovely folks at Aroma Borealis, which is a local company that creates herbal skin care products, aromatherapy products, and herbal teas, all inspired by the northern boreal forest.  (I luuuuurve their hydrating facial cream and their all-natural shampoos and conditioners!  And I love going into their store because it smells so good in there without being overwhelmingly perfumey.  *happy sigh*)  

ab-tea-pouchAroma Borealis has agreed to make up special bags of their own Arctic Wildflower Tea for our four winners, perfect for boiling up one pot on a cold autumn (or winter) evening.  There’s even an extra bag for Dad, since all you winners can thank him for making sure I didn’t cheat you out of your prizes.  (Do you think he missed a calling as a lawyer?)

Well, it was short-lived, but I declare this game a success on the basis of raising the humour quotient around here.  Thanks to Dad and Aroma Borealis for stepping in when they were needed.  This time again next year, okay?

Taking bets on the first snow

4 Oct

Michelle over at Scribbit is playing a game where readers can guess when the first snowfall of the season will happen in Anchorage.  Fun! 

Here in Whitehorse, we’ve also got snow on the mountain tops.  Last Monday, I saw a few cars around town with snow on them, so somebody around here got some of the real stuff.  We even had a few flakes in my neighbourhood this past week, but nothing that stayed on the ground.

But!  That train is definitely coming.

So, in my ongoing quest for levity, I am happy to host the “When do you think we’ll get the first Whitehorse snowfall?” game.  I can’t offer a baby moose calf as a prize, but there will be a prize.  To be decided at my whim.  (Because you’ll play along even if I give away a box of Kleenex, right?  Right?  C’mon, it’s cold and flu season.)

I usually don’t expect the first snowfall until Halloween, but last year we got real stay-on-the-ground-snow at least two weeks earlier than that, so it really could be any day now.  (I just hope it isn’t tomorrow, or this contest won’t even get to see the light of day.)

Okay, so here’s how to play (with major head nods to Michelle, since I am totally copying and pasting her game here):

  1. Pick a date, any date, from October 5th on.
  2. Leave me a comment with your day, making sure I have a way to reach you should you win. (That means no fake e-mail addresses!)
  3. I will update this post with a list of the days taken with the names of participants as they come in. If you have a blog I’ll link to it.
  4. Only one person per date (because I don’t have anywhere near as many readers as Michelle!). If your date gets filled up I’ll just move you to the next available day following.
  5. When it does officially snow with a measurable amount of white stuff in my front yard (that’s my measuring stick) I’ll give a shout out to whoever picked the winning day.

Sound like fun? What better way to start looking forward to the first snowfall?

  • October 5: Dave
  • October 6:
  • October 7:
  • October 8:
  • October 9: MFA Mama
  • October 10:
  • October 11: Beanie
  • October 12:
  • October 13:
  • October 14:
  • October 15: Kara
  • October 16: Roger
  • October 17: Nai-Nai
  • October 18: Susan
  • October 19: Tammy
  • October 20: Tanya Leclerc
  • October 21:
  • October 22:
  • October 23:
  • October 24:
  • October 25:
  • October 26: Kathleen
  • October 27:
  • October 28:
  • October 29:
  • October 30:
  • October 31:

UPDATE: THIS CONTEST IS CLOSED!  Damn, I knew I should have posted this sooner!  It appears that there is already about 1 cm of snow on my deck and front yard (which, sadly, means it’s a measurable amount).  I’m not so sure that it’s not going to stick around for at least the afternoon, Dave.  So I guess that means you win, although seeing as you were actually getting snowed on when you guessed, I won’t credit you with any psychic powers.  Next closest was MFA Mama, so it only seems fair that you both win… um… something.  I haven’t decided yet since last night, but I’ll let you know soon!

Lucky number three

12 Dec

The results for Best Family Blog at the Canadian Blog Awards just came out today. Out of the five blogs that were in the second round of voting, I came in third, which, considering my sole wish was to not come out last of the 28 nominees (I know, I aim really high, hunh?  Besides, the overall voting numbers weren’t released so I wouldn’t have had a clue if I’d been dead last.  Who knew?) is pretty darned great!

That there is what you call an award-winning run-on sentence.  It’s totally why I came in third.  (You can interpret that however you wish.)

First place went to The Mabelhood, and second place went to Don Mills Diva.  Fourth and fifth place went to Under the Mad Hat and Party of 3 respectively.  Congrats, ladies!  I feel so honoured to be in the company of these women because I’ve run across them in various places in the mommyblogging world, so I feel like the unknown element in a crowd of celebrities.  Aww, shucks.

Thanks to all of you who voted!  Yipee!


Updated to add: Two days after I found out about my nomination for Best Family Blog (so well into voting time), I discovered that my blog had also been nominated for Best Activities Blog.  Because of the delay and the fact that I had no idea what Best Activity Blog actually meant, I never actually mentioned it here.  But thank you so much to whoever nominated me, whoever you are.  (You know you’re driving me crazy with not knowing, don’t you?)