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I can hates new Blogger commenting

4 Mar

Blogger is a great blogging platform, it really is.  It lets you fool around with HTML so that you can personalize it completely.  It integrates with all sorts of Google widgets.  It’s used by, oh, 80 or 90% of the blogs I follow.  But the new commenting format?  I HATE it!

Quite of few of the newest blogs I’ve added to my feed reader lately use this new “Comments embedded below post” feature.  The nice thing about it is that it looks tidy and you don’t have to go off to a separate boring-looking page or pop-up window.  The bad thing?  I CAN’T USE IT!!!  And it’s driving me crazy.

I don’t know know why, but my laptop just can’t handle it, no matter what browser I’m using.  The little box pops up with the “Word verification” step and the letters I’m supposed to type in there never load.  I just get a little image that says “Loading…” and it never goes away.  And the little “handicap” sign that it supposed to give you audio doesn’t work.  One kind soul disabled the word verification step just for me, but I still couldn’t comment.  When I hit publish, my comment just disappeared.  Argh!

The worst part comes when there isn’t even an e-mail address anywhere around so that I can e-mail the author to let them know there’s a problem.

I just want to have my say.  I just want to give you some encouragement, or make a joke, or give you a helpful hint.   Other people seem to be leaving you comments with no problems.  *sob*

If you’re a technical type and you know why I’m having this issue, please do put me out of my misery.  And for any of you starting new Blogger blogs — please, for the love of Pete, pick the tried-and-true “Full page” commenting format.  You may not actually want comments from me, but who knows how many others out there are having trouble leaving you a comment?  You wouldn’t want to miss any comments, now would you?

And the winner is…!

4 Sep

Thanks to everyone for your great response and your feedback on the delurking post! I had such a blast meeting everyone, including — hurray! — some first-time commenters who delurked. Learning about your reasons for reading the blog was great, and it helps me to know where to direct my energy when I’m thinking up posts.

So now is the moment to unveil the winner of the giveaway! Whee! What fun! Here’s the random number I got from

And the winner is… Stacie!

Stacie wins a copy of the tickle-your-ribs mockumentary, “A Mighty Wind” as well as a little something from Aroma Borealis, a local shop that specializes in making bath products, skin products, and herbal teas, all from herbs that grow right here in the Yukon. Congratulations to Stacie, and thanks for playing!  I’ll send this out to you after I get your contact info.  And, um, after I find that second copy of the movie…!

Well! Now that we’ve been introduced and the ice is broken, I hope to see all of you around lots more. Happy Thursday!

Bloggy Bling

30 Aug

I really never thought I’d see the day that someone would decide to give me a blog award!  But wheeee!  Jyl at MommyGossip decided to give me one: the “I Your Blog” award.  Thanks so much, Jyl!  Now I’ve got a wee bit o’ bling to display in my sidebar.  (Isn’t it pretty?)

The award comes with a few rules and provisos:

  1. Winners: feel free to put the logo on your blog.
  2. Link the person you received your award from.
  3. Nominate seven other blogs.
  4. Put links of those blogs on yours.
  5. Leave a message on the nominees’ blogs.

I’m going to change the rules a bit.  (See where I edited them?)  I have subscriptions to over 60 blogs, so you’d think it would be easy to pick seven of them, but I prefer to choose a few of my very, very favourites to share with you.  These are bloggers who blog regularly and frequently, and who make me laugh, cry, or think twice.  Also, who aren’t already flippin’ celebrities like Dooce and Finslippy, for goodness sakes.

Here’s my list of blogs that I really, really .

  1. First up, my hubby’s blog, Michael’s Meanderings, because his is the one I read most faithfully.  It’s amazing what I can learn about him by reading what he writes, despite the fact that we live together and, yes, actually talk to each other, too.  Plus he’s funny.  Not to mention hot.
  2. Next, another Yukon blog belonging to Stacie of Yukon Yahoos!, also known as “Life with Dogs in the Yukon”.  We originally met through blogging and I love hearing all about the (10? 12? 14? I can’t keep track these days.) dogs she keeps and runs in the winter.
  3. Mommy’s Martini, written by the incomparable MommyTime, is another must-read blog.  Her “thinky” posts really make me think and she’s always full of great ideas for activities with kids.  Plus, her kids are stinkin’ adorable!  And she leaves the most thoughtful comments.
  4. Whiskey in My Sippy Cup drew me in from my first sip glimpse.  Mr. Lady is witty, frank, and self-deprecating.  She has lived through some pretty incredible and nasty crap (I can’t bring myself to swear like her) and is such an amazingly caring person.  I admire her greatly.
  5. Finally, Looky, Daddy! written by Brian is one of the few Daddy blogs I’ve hooked into.  Someone originally pointed me to it because he has a daughter with epilepsy, too.  He’s also got twin daughters (toddlers), which I think qualifies him for an award of bravery.  But it’s his biting sense of humour that keeps me going back for more.

Whew!  Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go lie down after all this excitement.  (The fact that I got together with a girlfriend today and had an epic all-afternoon Vietnamese spring-roll making marathon might be a contributing factor, too.  Oh, and the fact that I’m over-full from eating FOUR of the spring-rolls, along with various other Asian snacks…)

P.S. If you haven’t already, don’t forget to comment on the delurking post before next Wednesday!

With a little help from my friends

16 Jan

After last Tuesday’s disastrous attempt to walk Nanuq between work and suppertime I realized that I really would need help in order to survive the two weeks without Michael.  And the help came, sometimes from unexpected places.  My neighbour Heather took Nanuq out with her dog Kodiak on Wednesday.  Tim took him on Thursday (and again yesterday).  Hugh and Anissa walked down from their neighbourhood to take on the Friday walk.  I got a suprise e-mail from Carole (Yukon Chatterbug) on the weekend, offering to take Nanuq out with her dog if we happened to live close by (which we do).  Thanks so much to all of you!  Nanuq and I are both very grateful.

Speaking of help and surprises, I was reading through my blog stats last week and came across a referring site that included my name in it.  Curious, I clicked on it and was brought to a page that included my most recent post ("The green, green grass of home") and a couple of pictures of Jade from the Halloween photo album.  It also said "Copyright Fawnahareo 2007" at the bottom of the page.  Of course, I hadn’t created the page, so you might understand that I felt as though I had temporarily stepped into the Twilight Zone. 

As I was trying to figure things out, I got an e-mail from George (who plays a mean bass in The Big Band) saying he’d killed a few minutes by throwing together a page for me to play around with, since he knew I was looking for a new bloggy home.  Wow, what a nice thing to do!  Big Band rehearsals consist of a lot of practicing and not much chatting, so I don’t actually know anyone in the group that well.  But now I know someone I can refer people to for web hosting and design services.  Thanks, George!

And now while we’re on the subject of moving blogs, I’m just about ready to move house over to WordPress (although I wish I could take George’s photo album module over with me, since it looks like I’ll now have to start using Flickr for photo sharing).  I think I’ve got the mashed-together-paragraphs thing figured out.  I hope to be seeing more comments once I’ve moved over — I know I’ve got a few lurkers, and this is SO all about you, you know.

Blogging woes: looking for a new blogging home

8 Jan

I started blogging at Live Spaces in April of 2005.  There wasn’t a lot of thought that went into the choice of blogging platform. I’d just discovered blogs and my main source of information was my sister’s blog, which she had started on Live Spaces (although it was called MSN Spaces back then, I think).  I’d been reading her blog for a few months and loved that I could finally keep abreast of what was going on in her life – she was so busy, we rarely talked on the phone.  I thought some of my family and friends might like it if I did the same thing.

There are a couple of good things about Live Spaces.  It’s very easy to upload pictures to create online photo albums, for one.  It’s pretty much idiot-proof easy to start.  You can do a little bit of customization with the theme and drag-and-drop built-in widgets around.  But I don’t know anyone who is seriously blogging who uses Live Spaces now.  Most people want more flexibility  to customize the look of their site.  Besides, despite my visitor’s account, people who come here have a heck of a time leaving comments, even when they do have an MSN Passport.  If they use Firefox, there are all sorts of issues (which is just dirty pool, in my humble opinion).  Since for me blogging has grown from a way to keep family and friends in the loop into being part of a larger community, I feel I’ve really outgrown Live Spaces.

It’s been a while that I’ve been thinking of switching to another blogging platform, but which one?  I already have a blog on Blogger, and since I’m such a Google groupie I use Gmail and the Google RSS Reader and such, so it would be easy to go there. 

But WordPress seems to have some great things going for it, too, particularly seeming to be friendlier to visitors than Blogger.  And if I eventually decide to get really serious, I can decide to find a host and take total control over how the thing looks instead of using a template someone else designed. However, I’ve started a test blog with WordPress and I’m having some issues with formatting the text- the system keeps deleting my line breaks so that all my paragraphs are mashed together.  I hate that!  Since the WordPress Support Desk is closed for the week, I’m left to wonder whether the advantages are worth the headache.

So, bloggy people, what have you to say on the subject?  If you want to leave a comment and haven’t got a passport, try using IE and sign in as fawnsguest using the password 99Nanuq.  Or you can reach me by email by mashing my first and last names together (my last name is Fritzen) and adding gmail (*dot*) com. At least if you’re reading this on Facebook it’s easy to leave a comment.  Whew, at least something is easy.