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2010: The end-of-year (re)view

31 Dec

I’m not an ardent fan of the year-end retrospective, but I do like this little meme, where I copy and post the first sentence of the first post of each month in 2010.  It’s been fun going back through the archives and reliving some of the highlights of the year.  (The post from May made me laugh out loud — I’d forgotten about that!)

Going through the archives also made me realize it’s been so much harder to actually write.  With Hurricane Halia coming into her own, Jade taking on new activities (and generating medically-related paperwork!), and me picking up new hobbies, going back to work, and pursuing music more seriously… well, I guess it shouldn’t be surprising that posting has become spottier.

So here’s my 2010 sampler:

  • January: The day, it has come.
  • February: Jade uses a soother.
  • March: I will tell you all about my weekend soon, I promise, but today is March 1st, which marks the first day of Epilepsy Awareness Month in Canada.
  • April: Holidays can be challenging when someone in the family has food restrictions, but this Easter Sunday was one of the loveliest family days we’ve had in a long time.
  • May: I have a sore throat tonight, and I may have seriously injured my vocal cords.
  • June: Remember these?
  • July: Michael asked me the other day why I get so stressed out about making sure supper is on time right at 6 o’clock.
  • August: My Oma berated me for neglecting my bloggy duties.
  • September: Jade keeps amazing me.
  • October: Halia started biting her fingernails a couple of months ago.
  • November: Back in March, I meant to introduce you to Jesse.
  • December: A couple of months ago, Jade had a routine hearing screening at her preschool.

A few more favourite posts, just because:

  • My new sewing/upcycling hobby resulted in some fun new-again clothes for a slimmed-down me: Part I and Part 2
  • Halia imitating Dennis the Menace in: The Sunscreen Disadvantage
  • First video of Halia talking: Yaya and Me
  • Jade almost causes a kitchen fire: Siren Song
  • Performing, falling off stages, you know, yer everyday antics: It’s Not This
  • And here’s one of my favourite stories of Halia, who asked me for stars again last night: Seeing Stars

There’s so much more to tell you, but we’ve already started the last day of 2010 and I haven’t gone to bed yet for the second-last day.  So, if I don’t see you all until the New Year: “Guten Rutsch!”