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The last belly pics

11 Nov

I hit 39 weeks last Friday.  Yesterday I saw Dr. Gudapati because she wanted to follow up after my Vancouver hospital stay.  Why is it that I always weigh more on the doctor’s scale than at home (180 lbs on her scale, 175 at home)?  It can’t possibly be that my home scale isn’t particularly accurate, right?  Nugget’s heartbeat was a happy 145 bpm and after talking briefly with the doctor, I was on my way to finish running errands.

I felt so great when I got home last night that I got Michael to do some long-delayed belly shots; it’s the first time in a while that I’ve really felt like smiling.  I’m pretty sure these are the last ones because there are signs this morning that Nugget will make his or her entrance later today.  Including that contraction I just had…


When Michael took it, I said I wouldn’t post the naked belly picture, but that I wanted it for myself and for Nugget.  I told him it was because I didn’t want to traumatize any poor women who’ve never been pregnant; that war zone of stretch marks might cause them to run, screaming, from their computers.  But really it’s because all these months I’ve felt self-conscious about those stretch marks, which have gotten steadily more spectacular week by week.  I’ve never had a bikini-worthy midriff, but with this pregnancy, there really is no hope of that, ever.  Looking at the picture, though, my belly doesn’t look so bad to me.  This is what happens when I carry this kind of precious cargo.  And I wouldn’t trade that for the world.