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I can hates new Blogger commenting

4 Mar

Blogger is a great blogging platform, it really is.  It lets you fool around with HTML so that you can personalize it completely.  It integrates with all sorts of Google widgets.  It’s used by, oh, 80 or 90% of the blogs I follow.  But the new commenting format?  I HATE it!

Quite of few of the newest blogs I’ve added to my feed reader lately use this new “Comments embedded below post” feature.  The nice thing about it is that it looks tidy and you don’t have to go off to a separate boring-looking page or pop-up window.  The bad thing?  I CAN’T USE IT!!!  And it’s driving me crazy.

I don’t know know why, but my laptop just can’t handle it, no matter what browser I’m using.  The little box pops up with the “Word verification” step and the letters I’m supposed to type in there never load.  I just get a little image that says “Loading…” and it never goes away.  And the little “handicap” sign that it supposed to give you audio doesn’t work.  One kind soul disabled the word verification step just for me, but I still couldn’t comment.  When I hit publish, my comment just disappeared.  Argh!

The worst part comes when there isn’t even an e-mail address anywhere around so that I can e-mail the author to let them know there’s a problem.

I just want to have my say.  I just want to give you some encouragement, or make a joke, or give you a helpful hint.   Other people seem to be leaving you comments with no problems.  *sob*

If you’re a technical type and you know why I’m having this issue, please do put me out of my misery.  And for any of you starting new Blogger blogs — please, for the love of Pete, pick the tried-and-true “Full page” commenting format.  You may not actually want comments from me, but who knows how many others out there are having trouble leaving you a comment?  You wouldn’t want to miss any comments, now would you?