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First post

23 Feb

Well, I meant to at least write a New Year’s post here in January because 2012 was an amazing year for me. But I didn’t do it.

I also meant to write a blog post about Jade turning 7, because she is a truly amazing kid. But I didn’t do that either.

But since the last post I wrote over here, I’ve written seven posts over on my other blog. (Sorry, guys. Not sure how that happened. Lots of them are just really status updates.)

Bedroom Voice 300

And guess what else? I finished recording my very first album. This project I’ve been breathing and dreaming forever is actually wrapped up, and the actual honest-to-goodness CDs are being manufactured right now. The album is going to be released in less than a month.

Anyone else feel like squealing with me???

Back in real life, the laundry is overflowing (and I just discovered that the cat’s litter box has been tipped over, onto some of that there laundry on the laundry room floor…ugh) and the dirty dishes are propagating at an alarming rate. And my blog reader is into the hundreds of posts I haven’t read, too.

But, dammit, life is good right now.

How are you doing?

A grand

22 Apr

It’s 11 pm Pacific Time, so I’m making it in just under the wire. It just so happens that today is my 7th blog anniversary. Seven years since my very first post, in which I deliberately decided not to say, “Well, I’m starting a blog!”

It also just so happens that this is post number 1,000. I didn’t plan it this way, but that’s how things lined up. Inadvertently beautiful.

It was a full day, with kids visiting our house, and sunshine, and a walk to the store up the hill (with five kids in tow!), and dishwashing, and vacuuming, and dinner guests, and way too much food, and a post-supper card game that lasted two-and-a-half hours, and then bananas wrapped in rice paper and deep fried and sprinkled with cinnamon and icing sugar and drizzled with maple syrup. That kind of day. The belly-overfull and cup-overflowing kind of day.

And with a full belly and a sleepy head, I am not particularly up to being witty or eloquent. It’s just enough to acknowledge this inconsequential milestone. And to thank you for being part of the journey. I know lots of people who say they blog for themselves, and I do that, to a point. But I wouldn’t continue, because the experience wouldn’t be nearly as rich, if you weren’t here to be part of the conversation with me.

I hear my pillow calling me. I bid you all good night.

In with the new, and in with the old

1 Jan

It’s a shameful almost-secret that once upon a time, in the dark ages of the blogosphere, I started my blogging career at MSN LiveSpaces.  It took a couple of years before I conceded that I’d outgrown that platform and switched over here to WordPress.  My old blog stayed behind, mostly neglected (except by spammers).  There was no way to easily download the posts or import them to WordPress.

A couple of nights ago, my sis gave me the heads-up that MSN is phasing out LiveSpaces and was encouraging everyone to migrate their LiveSpaces blog to WordPress.  Even better, I could migrate everything to my existing WordPress blog.  Which I did.  And so I now have all five years of my blogging history in one place.  Anything posted before January 17th is from my LiveSpaces days.  I guess I shouldn’t be so hard on LiveSpaces now that they’ve given me a way to take my history with me.

It’s strange to go back to read some of those posts and see how my “voice” has changed over time.  Even though it’s only been five years, some of those earlier posts make me feel kind of… old.  More mature and a little wiser, I hope.  But still leaving lots of room to grow, of course.

I hope you all had a wonderful transition into 2011!

Come one, come all. Delurk, delurk!

28 Aug

Photo stolen from LexnGer on Flickr

I know that there are “official” delurking days, but I don’t think I have the patience to wait for one. (Besides, it seems like exactly the kind of thing that I would miss when it happens.) So I’ve decided to hold one of my own — today is “official delurking day” at Fawnahareo’s Place!

Maybe you don’t know what a lurker is. A lurker is someone who waltzes in, reads the news, and runs off again without saying so much as a peep. (Yeah you! The one behind the potted plant! That’s right, I’m talkin’ ’bout you.) I’m happy to have you visit, of course. I love it that you stop by, and you are under no obligation to comment when you do. But I LOVE comments! And besides, I’m curious about you.

This wee blog here gets an average of 150 visits a day, but the average number of comments per post is more like three or four; I don’t even have to break a sweat doing that math. I can tell that there must be some of you out there who aren’t saying hello. (Aha! I just spotted another one back there behind the couch.)

I understand the no commenting, I do! In the craziness of the last few months, I have had to curtail my commenting because I really need to sleep more than an hour every night. But, just ’cause I feel like it, today’s the day to take a minute and leave me some comment love, dear readers. If you have a blog, I promise I will come visit and do the same for you! (It might take me a few days, but I’ll be there!)

Just to make things more fun, I’ve decided this is a good time to have my first ever giveaway! All you have to do is leave a comment, and you’ll be entered to win a prize. What’s the prize? Well, some time ago, I came into possession of a comedy that was already in our movie collection. Everyone enjoys a good comedy right? So if you win, the movie is yours, plus I’ll throw in a little extra “made in Yukon” surprise.

And to make things even easier, I’ll even give you something to comment about. Here’s what I wanna know:

  1. How did you first find my blog?
  2. What kinds of posts do you like to read? (Family updates, Yukon lifestyle, music, pregnancy progress…)
  3. Are you a blogger? (And if you are, leave me a link, of course!)

Be sure to leave a valid e-mail address so that I can contact you if you win. Anyone who comments by next Wednesday, September the 3rd is in the game. Regular commenters are welcome to participate, too, of course!

So, what are you waiting for? Let me hear from you!

Romance, fluff, and other stuff

13 Feb

I can’t quite remember when I first started reading Harlequins; sometime in my late teens, I think.  I had never thought of them as worthy reading material until I saw that they were regular fare for one of my smartest friends.  Oh yes, and I had a roommate who had to read one and analyze it for a university course.  So I gave them a try and they soon became an occasional part of my reading diet, sorta like a literary bag of chips: not much substance, done with quickly, and guiltily satisfying.

The trouble with reading Harlequins is that consuming too many is unhealthy.  Seriously.  One summer I was reading quite a lot of them and I could actually feel my view of the world getting skewed.  I knew that the way relationships are portrayed in these books was completely unrealistic, but I was getting sucked into the idealism.  I decided I’d better leave off the Harlequins if I didn’t want to damage my real-life relationship, and I went back to my staple of children’s literature, which is at least wholesome.

I still occasionally read a romance novel on holidays, though usually ones with a little more substance to them than the Harlequins.  And these days, there’s always some “chick lit” available if a different kind of fluff is called for.  But, just as healthy meal preparation has become more important since Jade started eating with us, reading choices in these times of limited leisure time are also more — I don’t know, what’s the word? — nourishing.

I guess that makes me a bit of a snob, but when faced with scarce resources — and time is certainly that — one must be at least a little picky.  Of course, one of my main sources of reading material these days is not from books at all, but from the 40 or so blogs I’m subscribed to in my feed reader, the majority of which are mommyblogs.  The neat thing about it is the ability to interact with the “characters” I’m reading about, getting to share ideas and to commiserate, which is something I find truly nourishing.  Even when I end up going to bed late after catching up with everyone.

What are your favourite reads?

Jumpin’ and Jivin’ at Mount Mac

27 Jan

We had a great dance last night with The Big Band at Mount Mac! The part where Michael and I were trying to get ourselves organized enough to leave our house with all the relevant gear in stow was quite a gong show and supper ended up being a rushed 5-minute affair, but we were able to catch our breath once we got to the venue.

I was nervous. This was my first big concert with The Big Band and I had a handful of solos (on piano) in the second set. If you know jazz, you know that it’s all about the improv, which is not my strong point. But I came away quite proud of myself because I managed to hold my own in the bits that I had to fill in, and even did some true improvising on a one piece we hadn’t practiced in a while where I suddenly realized, Holy crap, there are way more bars of solo than I thought! Which even almost makes up for the royal screwing up I did on another piece where I just couldn’t get the rhythm right… but I’m sure only the band noticed. It was helpful that we used “Autumn Leaves” (thanks, George!) for our sound check; it was one of the pieces I had been most worried about, so I felt much calmer once I’d had a practice run at it.

I had quite a few friends and acquaintances there, dancing up a storm, and it was fun to get their feedback on the show. One funny thing that really hit home for me when I was chatting with a new friend during one of the breaks is that there are some interesting dynamics around blogging in a small town. I don’t expect too many people would hear about my blog by word of mouth if I were still living in Ottawa… but they do here. It’s a good reminder (for any blogger) not to say anything you don’t want everyone to hear.

We finished up around 11:30 p.m. and helped with the tear-down, although I admit that Michael and I took off before it was totally done because our babysitter was expecting us back and we still had to run downtown to get some money with which to pay her. (Oops! Did I mention we lacked some organization yesterday?) There will probably be some good photos of the dance soon because Tim was there as the official photographer.

So anyone who missed the dance last night can console themselves that we’re doing another one in two weeks at Porter Creek Secondary (February 9th). Stay tuned for details.

The more you know

18 Jan

After Big Band rehearsals on Monday nights, some of the guys like to head out for a drink and munchies at the Kopper King. I say guys because there are only three other women in the band besides myself, but none of them usually come out for this. I’m not sure if they’re more responsible than I am about being alert for work the next day, or if they’re just way smarter than me in terms of avoiding chicken wings and nacho chips with all the fixins on a weekly basis.

I enjoy this part of the night because, as I mentioned earlier this week, there’s not a lot of actual socializing that goes on during rehearsals (which is just as it should be) so this is a good time to actually get to know a little more about my fellow band-mates. Don’t you find that the more you know about someone, the more interesting they become?

Last Monday, the subject of blogging came up and I got asked what the heck I keep a blog for, anyway. And isn’t it stressful coming up with things to write about?

Well, as I’ve said before, blogging started out as a way for me to keep friends and family in the loop about what we were up to in the far (or not-so-far) north. But gradually I started finding other people’s blogs and learning about their lives and getting to feel like these other blogging people were friends. (And in fact, some of them really have become friends offline, too.) I’ll say it again: don’t you find that the more you know about someone, the more interesting they become? Hmm, I suppose the corollary to that is that I hope you’ll learn about me and find me interesting, too.

Do I ever run out of things to say? Not really. No more than I run out of things to say to my best friends, but hey, I’m a pretty chatty person; I like to talk! And by that, I mean the kind that goes both ways, which is why I love to read and comment on other blogs. The discussion, the shared rejoicing, the sympathy in this community of bloggers – that’s what’s great about being a member of the blogosphere.

Nowhere did I feel that more than when I blogged about my miscarriage. Although I didn’t get a lot of comments on the blog post (thanks to Live Spaces!) I did get quite a lot when the post got imported into Facebook, and I got tons of e-mails. The outpouring of sympathy was so bracing, just exactly what I needed.

Blogging can be inspiring, too. A couple of weeks ago, I stumbled across a mommyblog that led to me writing a new song that has been wanting to be written ever since the miscarriage. I needed to do something to help – you know – process the experience. But I didn’t want to write something really depressing. Or trite. Or maudlin. This woman’s poem about her little daughter crystallized something in me. I won’t tell you any more about that right now because I’m hoping to share the song with you sometime soon and the story deserves its own post.

What can I say, I’m a people who needs people. Which is why a pint of, um, ginger ale with greasy finger food shared with good company is also a Good Thing in my book.