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Worn out

1 May

I am breathing a sigh of relief today because, well, I can. I’ve been struggling with wardrobe issues for a couple of weeks as my belly is already taking up so much more room and even I can’t fool myself into thinking it’s the pants that are shrinking. I’ll be hitting 12 weeks tomorrow, still a couple of weeks away from the second trimester, and I’m not nearly ready to start into maternity clothes yet.

This morning I peeked into my bin of maternity clothes that I recently got back from a friend. Happily, I rediscovered the size 15 cords I bought after Jade was born when I was desperately bored with my mat jeans but couldn’t yet fit back into my pre-preggo stuff. Lovely, lovely, creamy (and stretchy!) cords. It’s so liberating to be able to breathe when I’m sitting down. Can I live in a single pair of pants for the next 4 weeks or so? I have a feeling I won’t be able to make it to 16 weeks, like I did last time, before breaking out the maternity pants. Which is sad because the danged maternity pants will feel too big and will be falling down all the time when I start wearing them.

But enough about wardrobe.

Another reason I am breathing a sigh of relief is because the stupid, gol-darned taxes have finally been filed. Yes, I got it done at the very last possible moment. I’ve never filed my taxes so late before, most years panicking if I didn’t have them done before the end of March. This year, the whole tax filing process, which I started working on two months ago, was a litany of not-very-funny errors, computer crashes, wiped-out hard drives, bookkeeping issues, administrative screw-ups, and filing woes. But now they’re done. So we can start look forward to being audited or something. Ha!

If I sound a little less than my usual cheery self today, it’s probably because I am feeling like an old shoe. I’m absolutely worn out and wondering if I should really just go home and go to bed. (Okay, yes, I’m at work, but I’m on my break now, okay?)

I took Jade to the doctor yesterday morning to check on one of her chicken pox spots that had an angry purple circle around it; I was concerned that it had somehow gotten infected. When I picked Jade up from the daycare, they told me that one of the workers there had also had chicken pox last week while Jade was at home. Surprising because she should have been immune to them. But I’ve been hearing all sorts of horror stories about recurring chicken pox over the last few weeks.

It was the first time I’d met Dr. Albertini, a jovial grandfatherly type who kept calling me “Mama” and told me I was a good mother. He reassured me that Jade’s purple welt was just a bruise, possibly caused by scratching or some trauma (like walking into a toy) because the skin around the pox marks is more delicate than usual. I asked him about recurrence of chicken pox and was told that, while rare, it can happen if one’s immune system gets depressed. He said that usually happens when people push themselves too hard and don’t get enough rest.

This is going to sound so hokey, but I was so determined to stay healthy at least long enough to be able to perform on Saturday that I’ve been actively sending myself positive thoughts for the past couple of weeks. When I felt tired and worried about getting sick, particularly after spending a couple of hours with Jade breathing her virus-laced breath into my face, I’d fiercely redirect my thoughts, imagining a great performance and myself the picture of health.

I don’t know if it helped, but now with the dance behind me, the brunch on Sunday, Michael’s going away and the epic bike ride on Monday, Big Band rehearsal on Tuesday, and finally taxes yesterday, suddenly I’m finding myself totally drained. I wonder if I’ve pushed myself a bit too hard. I wonder, if my immunity tank had a gauge on it, what it would read. Because I don’t have enough juice left to jolly myself into a better frame of mind. Also, I can’t seem to stick to a topic on this blog post. Which has got to say something.


Random weekend updates

28 Apr
  1. Saturday was a chaotically busy day.  Jade had had a bad night, Michael had come down with some nasty bug, and there was a house to get clean before the big evening at the Arts Centre.  We basically spent the day tag-teaming on naps and cleaning.  I realized I was pushing myself a bit too hard when I suddenly got dizzy and threw up in the kitchen sink.  Thank goodness everything got done, though, except for poor Nanuq not getting a walk.
  2. Big Band at the Arts Centre April 26th

  3. The Big Band dance was fun!  We didn’t have a huge turnout (it was a very busy weekend for events) but the people who were there had fun, the band played well, and I was happy with my performance overall.  Plus I got to wear my fabulous new red dress, so how could I not feel great?!  I only wish I could have had a bit of it recorded so that I could share it with my parents.  And with you, of course!
  4. Brunch on Sunday with the band was terrific; one family sadly couldn’t come because of Jade’s chicken pox, but everyone else braved the virulent household to enjoy way more food than anyone would normally eat for breakfast.  But isn’t that what brunch is all about?  Afterward, Michael and I both collapsed on the couches and were grateful that Jade had an extra-long nap.
  5. Michael left today for Nahanni Butte, so I’m on my own for a week again.  At least single-parenting seems easier when the weather is milder, daylight is longer, and Jade’s bedtime is slightly more flexible.  It’s always the dog-walking that gets me stressed out.  Now that I can take the bike out, it doesn’t have to take as long to give him a good workout.
  6. Speaking of biking, I took my bike out for the first time this season.  I decided to do a loop around Copper Ridge, and my heart hasn’t pounded that much in a long time.  I don’t think it’s just because Jade is heavier this year, either.  Nope, I’m definitely out of shape after a winter of low activity.  I’d chosen to follow Hamilton Boulevard and Falcon Drive because it wouldn’t be as steep as Two-Mile Hill, but even still, I had my ass kicked.  And I feel it, too.  Except for the saddle-sore part, though, it feels good.
  7. This is what Jade did after we got home from biking.  She wanted to stay outside, so I made sure all the gates were closed so that I could go in and scare up some supper.   She has PJs on under her coat; I left her in jammies all day so that she’d have a harder time scratching her spots, and this is what I get for that.  That garden box was completely sodden.  Jade was having a grand time, though.  I think she was planting Cheerios.
  8. Jade planting Cheerios

  9. Jade’s chicken pox are progressing.  She doesn’t have a really severe case, but has somewhere between 30 and 40 spots, which is supposed to be a good thing as far as future immunity goes.  She hasn’t been too miserable, although last night was a doozie.  She woke up itchy around 2 or 3 a.m. and even with a slathering of calamine, the only way to get her back to sleep was with a bottle of milk, which we never do anymore.  It worked like a charm, though.  Until she woke up with a soaking diaper at 5 a.m. and wanted to sleep in our bed, and then wanted to sleep in the big armchair in her room.  She finally went back to sleep an hour later and stayed asleep until 9, which is two hours later than usual.
  10. I wished I could stay in bed, but we had an appointment with Heather the midwife at 8:30 in the morning.  I am a big believer in midwifery, but strangely had put off contacting either Heather or Christina until this weekend.  I don’t know why I’d been feeling reticent; maybe because of all the uncertainty at the beginning of this pregnancy.  We had a great consultation with Heather, learning a bit more about her philosophy, scope of practice, training, and limitations.  She also made a great suggestion about putting some ground-up oatmeal in a sock to use in the bath to help soothe Jade’s itchiness.
  11. Jade loved the oatmeal-filled sock!  I hunted out a pair of ugly white athletic socks that I won’t be sad to toss if the oatmeal doesn’t come out in the wash.  It sure gets slimy after a bit of soaking in the warm water, but I guess that’s what’s so soothing.
  12. Now I’m thinking I’d love to get my saddle-sore butt into the bath, too, but it’s rather late, so I think I’ll just head for bed after I sign off.  Good night, all!

A pox on our house

22 Apr

When I stepped into the daycare this afternoon (late, because I was feverishly trying to finish something at work) one of the workers said, “We think we found a few more spots on Jade, so she won’t be able to come into the daycare tomorrow without a doctor’s note.”

Upstairs in the toddler room, we looked Jade over and sure enough, she seems to be getting a number of spots on her back and her legs.  So it looks like this might be it, after all.  As I said before, this is not upsetting to me, as I’d like her to get this childhood disease over with once and for all.  The only thing I am a bit concerned about is the party at our house on Sunday morning.  This is kind of a post-gig celebration, after the big dance on Saturday night, and I don’t mind hosting it, even if Jade is covered in spots.  I just hope everyone who wanted to come is immune to chicken pox.  I sent an e-mail out to everyone to let them know so that we don’t infect anyone who doesn’t want to be infected; I’m hoping I don’t get any e-mails back!

I guess our house is now technically under quarantine.  I remember reading that in the old days, houses that were under quarantine had to put yellow flags up in their windows.  Apparently, this is something ships still have to do.  Think anyone would get it?

The waiting game

11 Apr

When I picked Jade up from daycare yesterday afternoon, they said she had a few more spots on her body that might be chicken pox.  Or, they might just be spots of dry skin, which she often gets.  They said they’d like it if I could get them checked out by a doctor.  That kind of doctor’s visit seemed pretty fruitless to me, so I elected to stay home with her today and observe.  I have observed that she seems perfectly normally behaved and she has a few more spots that might be chicken pox.  Or not.  Altogether, not very useful.

Now, call me crazy, but I would really like for this to be the chicken pox.  The younger you are, the (generally) milder chicken pox is, so it seems to me this would be a good time for her to get them.  I have a friend who got them as a baby, so mildly that he ended up getting them a second time (yes, it can happen), but I think Jade’s past that stage now.  I had chicken pox when I was 6 or 7 which is old enough to have really good aim for scratching those spots. And I have scar on my nosebridge to prove it.

I decided I didn’t want Jade to get the chicken pox vaccine since it’s unknown just how long the immunity lasts, and one can actually still get chicken pox, although a supposedly milder case.  Plus the vaccine has to be repeated every ten years.  To my mind, it’s better to just get them once, properly, when you’re young, and be done with it.

So, I’m still hoping this is it.

The only thing that really sucks is that I volunteered to provide half and hour of background music this evening for a fundraiser (a two-pronged fundraiser for the local Blue Feather Youth Centre and for Ramesh Ferris’s Cycle to Walk campaign to eradicate polio worldwide).  Unfortunately, I can’t take Jade with me now because if she is infected with chicken pox, she would actually be contagious now, even though she doesn’t have a full-blown rash yet.  You can’t just take a viral bomb of a child into a crowd; that would be immoral.  Norris was going to look after Jade while I performed, but he can’t even come over to babysit her at our house because he’s never had chicken pox before!  (Honestly, how many people our age haven’t had chicken pox?  Now he definitely should go and get immunized!)

I’ve called around to friends, but everyone’s either sick or unavailable, even though several are crazy like me and would be happy to expose their child to a potentially infectious little girl.  So it looks like I’m going to have to back out of this commitment tonight.  Why is it that things always happen when Michael is out of town?

On the plus side, our kitchen floor hasn’t been this clean in months.

You asked…

9 Apr

Hee hee!  Some fun stuff here!

MommyTime asked…

  1. What is one book you love and why?
  2. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you pick and why?
  3. And what’s something you looove to eat?

One book I love to read

Oooh, MommyTime, you asked me some toughies!  ONE book I love?  How to choose?!  It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of juvenile fiction; classics like The Secret Garden, Five Children and It, and A Little Princess I’ve read over and over again over the years, and I’ve also found many more modern tales that I love. 

But let’s see, if I had to choose something a little more mature, I’d probably pick Like Water for Chocolate.  It’s a romantic novel, but it has a fairy-tale flair to it that I can’t resist.  And it’s written like a cross between a cook-book and a diary.  What girl can resist good food (especially with chocolate in it!) and a little gossip?  I also love the idea of ones emotions flowing into ones creations, the way Tita’s flows into her cooking, inflaming the eaters of her food with the same feelings.  The Chinese believe in this, too; one should be happy and joyful when cooking because that energy is transferred into the dish.

Oooh, but then there’s The Time-Traveler’s Wife, and the recently discovered Thursday Next series.  Stop me now or I’ll never stop…

A place I’d like to travel

I was having some notions of travelling to Taiwan this year.  Taiwan is where my mother grew up, and where that whole side of the family still lives.  The last time I was there, I was about 6 years old, so I only have splashes of memories: waking up to the cock crowing, children teasing me and my sister through the screen door of my grandparents’ house, calling us “big nose”, bright red (hibiscus?) flowers, crowded streets on the back of my grandfather’s motorbike.

The last time I saw my maternal grandparents was when they came to visit us in Northern Ontario back in, hmm, 1993, perhaps?  My grandfather has since died, and I would love an opportunity to get to know my grandmother a bit before it’s too late.  Particularly with this pregnancy, though, I don’t know if going to Taiwan in high summer is a good idea.

And someday I want to go back to that little place in Mexico where my sister got married in November.  Maybe just with Michael this time.  *dreamy sigh*

Something I love to eat

Oh dear, again, how to choose?  You see, I looooove food, and I love such a variety of foods.  I sure have been having a lot of chocolate lately.  (Michael accuses me of making our future child chemically imbalanced, but I read a study somewhere that says pregnant moms who eat chocolate once a day have happier babies.  So there.  Pbththt!)  Right now, if I could choose one thing to have that absolutely looove, it would be my mom’s spring rolls.  She would make her own skins and it’s a ton of work to make the stuffing and then roll the darn things and then deep-fry them.  But damn!  They’re worth it.  If only we hadn’t been living apart for the last 14 years, I’m sure I would have learned by now how to make them just her way.

Thanks for the great questions, MommyTime!  I’m going to stop here for tonight — more answers to more questions next time! — because I really need to get some work done in the kitchen.  Michael’s away and Jade and I had sandwiches for supper because we were running late.  I need to create something for lunch tomorrow and plan something a little more complete for tomorrow night’s meal. 

That’s assuming we end up even going to work/daycare tomorrow, of course.  There’s chicken pox going around at the daycare and they think maybe Jade has it.  I’ll be counting spots in the morning…