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A Christmas gift for you

22 Dec

I know I promised you an update on Jade. I haven’t forgotten, I swear! A proper post requires some time to sit down and focus, though, and I’m hoping to get some of that over the holidays. But she’s doing great and has had a very exciting month.

I’m just stopping by today to share a song with you. I recorded it last week with my friend Daniel and you can download for free from my music website: fawnfritzen.com/a-christmas-gift-for-you/

It was such fun to record. I hope you enjoy it! Merry merry Christmas to you and all your loved ones from me and mine.

P.S. If you are looking for more Christmas music, there’s always the little tune I wrote in 2009.

Halia at 8 weeks

7 Jan

Halia hit the 8-week mark today.  She’s starting to be a lot more responsive, smiling happily and cooing at us when we talk to her, and especially when we play Mother Goose games with her.  Her favourite one is this:

The moon is round, as round as can be (making circles around baby’s face with a finger)
Two eyes, a nose, and a mouth (point to eyes, nose, and mouth)
Just like me! (tickle baby’s tummy)

mirrorAlthough we have the occasional pre-bedtime cry-fest, they seem to be diminishing in length and intensity.  I suspect Halia is sensitive to some of the things I eat, but I haven’t pinpointed just what yet.  She has occasionally slept for as long as six hours, although since I transitioned her to her crib a few nights ago, she is waking a little more often.  She occasionally sucks on her thumb or fingers, but doesn’t seem to have figured it out as a self-soothing mechanism.  In the meantime, I’m her human soother as she gets boobed to sleep each time.  I don’t mind… when she sleeps well.  But it’s pretty frustrating to nurse a baby to sleep, only to have her wake up again in less than five minutes.  Fortunately, she’s getting a pretty good track record, and even sometimes puts herself back to sleep after waking.  If you’re wondering, yes, I have tried giving her a soother, but she spits it out.  I’ve tried shoving it back in (gently) a few times, but after ten or so repetitions of shove, spit, shove, spit, shove, spit, I figure it’s time to give in.  Besides, she takes in quite a bit of milk when I nurse her down, so I don’t want to deprive her of the nourishment.halia-feet

Hitting 8 weeks means that Halia is almost 2 months old, which brings with it a new worry.  She’s due for her first round of vaccinations and I’m not sure what to do about it.  I know that vaccine injury is a highly controversial topic.  I know folks who are staunchly against vaccines of any kind, and others who fiercly believe that not vaccinating is extremely irresponsible.  I’m not convinced that Jade’s epilepsy is connected to her vaccinations, especially because her seizures didn’t start until 10 months after her last shots.  But what if it were? I think I’ll ask our doctor about thimerosal-free vaccines (which I asked about before Jade’s shots, but they weren’t available here) and look at doing a delayed vaccination schedule, with more time between individual shots.  Your opinions and advice are entirely welcome, by the way.

Enough of the medical stuff!

sleeping-haliaHalia has had a pretty exciting time in her short life.  A summary:

  • She has been to three Big Band rehearsals, a sound-check, and an actual Big Band gig.  (It was pretty stressful for me to do this, especially the sound check, which Jade came to as weall.  It’s hard to concentrate on playing an instrument when there’s a baby crying for milk and a toddler eager to play with the sound board controls.  At the gig I tore Halia off my breast at least three times when I realized there would be a short piano solo bit in upcoming tunes.  I won’t be playing with the Big Band again until after she’s on solids or at least on a bottle!  Especially without Nai Nai to accompany her backstage.)
  • Just before Christmas, my friend Heather hosted a shower for Halia.  It was great because our friends all got to meet the baby (and she, of course, got passed around, which is something I’m usually not a big fan of, but I was okay with it this time).  Happily, we didn’t get tons of toys and clothes we don’t need (because we pretty much have it all); instead, Heather made it a food shower, so our deep freeze. plus a cooler out in the shed (which is staying very cold in this weeks-long -35 weather) is full of prepared meals.  How great is that?!
  • Besides her Nai Nai, who was, of course, around for her birthday, Halia also got to meet her Opa, Auntie Nem, and Uncle Mike.  halia-with-pedro-and-nem
  • She celebrated her first Christmas.
  • She got to be the baby Jesus at Christmas Mass.  (I’m so sorry I haven’t got a picture to post — my mom did take some but you know how candid shots in dim buildings go.  Someone looks demented or fuzzy in every single one. )
  • She got baptized surrounded by her family on the Sunday after Christmas, also known as the Feast of the Holy Family.

Not a bad resume for 56 days old!


Halia's baptism on December 28


Everyone put a hand on her to share in the moment of her baptism


Halia's baptism dress -- the same one Jade wore for her baptism last year


She also got to wear a sweater knitted for her by Pedro's mom -- isn't it sweet?


The beginning of a smile


Jade tickles Halia's feet


I know this is almost the same shot again, but her wide-open mouth just cracks me up!


This is one from today. The shot with her really big smile came out fuzzy, but this one's pretty cute!

Since my poll showed that the greatest demand was for updates on the girls with pictures (those weren’t all your votes, were they, Marian?) I hope you’re all happy for now.  It’s technically the day after Halia hit 8 weeks now because it’s almost 1 a.m. on Wednesday.  And Michael’s going to be out of town all day, so I get to do the night shift and single parent all day.  Methinks me had better hit the hay…

Away in a manger

17 Dec

It’s been many months since I’ve been able to go to church, but a few weeks ago, our priest, Father Claude, came by to visit. He had some books and holiday activities he wanted to share with Jade; he remembered that our original plans were to be in Ottawa for Christmas, so he wanted to be sure to come by before we left. (This is just one small act that demonstrates what a thoughtful and loving man he is.)

I told him that we are now staying in Whitehorse for Christmas, but I still didn’t think I’d be able to take on the role of accompanying the choir at mass (which I’ve done for the past two years at Christmas and Easter) because my ability to sit at a piano is limited by the necessity of feeding Halia on demand.  He was very understanding about it, and the choir will be accompanied by a guitarist this year, I think.

Yesterday Father Claude phoned and asked if we might want to participate in the mass in a different way.  Every year, there is some kind of re-enactment of the Christmas story during the Christmas mass.  Halia is the newest baby in the congregation, so he asked if Michael and I would like to be Joseph and Mary, with Halia playing the part of Jesus, while Jade could be a shepherd with the other children in the congregation.  I think this would be great fun — as long as I don’t have to talk!  (My spoken French has definitely grown a little shaky in my long absence from church.)

I told him we’d love to do it.  After I hung up I asked Michael if he was okay with it.  (What, isn’t that the way things work at your house?)  Fortunately, he too was enthusiastic about the idea.  As long as he doesn’t have to talk!

Christmas tree massacre 2008

11 Dec

I was quite pleased with our Christmas tree this year, which we put up just this evening. I was very pleased until it fell over about 10 minutes ago. Many Christmas balls were slain in the disaster.

Clean-up can’t be completed until tomorrow, since vacuuming would likely wake up the little miss snoozing directly downstairs. Luckily, the tree fell fairly quietly, considering.