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Away in a manger

17 Dec

It’s been many months since I’ve been able to go to church, but a few weeks ago, our priest, Father Claude, came by to visit. He had some books and holiday activities he wanted to share with Jade; he remembered that our original plans were to be in Ottawa for Christmas, so he wanted to be sure to come by before we left. (This is just one small act that demonstrates what a thoughtful and loving man he is.)

I told him that we are now staying in Whitehorse for Christmas, but I still didn’t think I’d be able to take on the role of accompanying the choir at mass (which I’ve done for the past two years at Christmas and Easter) because my ability to sit at a piano is limited by the necessity of feeding Halia on demand.  He was very understanding about it, and the choir will be accompanied by a guitarist this year, I think.

Yesterday Father Claude phoned and asked if we might want to participate in the mass in a different way.  Every year, there is some kind of re-enactment of the Christmas story during the Christmas mass.  Halia is the newest baby in the congregation, so he asked if Michael and I would like to be Joseph and Mary, with Halia playing the part of Jesus, while Jade could be a shepherd with the other children in the congregation.  I think this would be great fun — as long as I don’t have to talk!  (My spoken French has definitely grown a little shaky in my long absence from church.)

I told him we’d love to do it.  After I hung up I asked Michael if he was okay with it.  (What, isn’t that the way things work at your house?)  Fortunately, he too was enthusiastic about the idea.  As long as he doesn’t have to talk!