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I blame the hormones

5 Nov

My mom is making life so much easier.  She’s doing so much more than just feeding us and doing dishes, but even if that’s ALL she did, it would already be a huge relief.

Jade had only TWO drop seizures yesterday (down from 6, 6, 9, and 11 from the previous days) and I’ve only seen one body jerk and one very short absence.  She has so much energy today that even though we put her down for her nap (in her new big girl bed) at 1:00, she wasn’t anywhere near falling asleep until 2:00, and that was only after I went downstairs and put her diaper, pants, and socks back on her!

We’re still struggling a bit with meals, but it’s definitely getting better.  I got a gingerbread cookie recipe from the dietician (almond-flour and KetoCal formula base) that worked well for Jade’s snack today, although I had to bribe her with stickers to finish her “strawberry milk” (cream with vanilla and red food-colouring and a wee bit of water).

All in all things are going great!

And yet all I want to do is cry.  What in heaven’s name is wrong with me today?