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“After Yukon” by Hank Karr

23 Jan

My neighbour Katherine was kind enough to babysit Jade for a couple of hours tonight so that I could go and have a little jazz piano lesson. It sure was strange to be back in the student’s seat again, after so many years just as an accompanist, performer, and even as a teacher. But fun!

Besides coming to babysit, Katherine also happened to have Hank Karr’s CD “Where Do You Go After Yukon”, so I took a few minutes to jot down the lyrics to share with you. According to the liner notes, the piece is based on a song called “After Texas” written by M. Johnson and B. Jones (can’t find any info about them online, though…) and the words are written by Hank Karr.


Where do you go after Yukon?
What do you do after Yukon?
You’re just foolin’ yourself
If you think there’s something else
‘Cause there’s just nothing left after Yukon

Been through BC and Vancouver
Saw the beautiful scenes
I liked it
Been out through Alberta caused the famous Stampede
And I liked it
Whatever you’ve got I likely have seen it
I don’t like to brag, but Cheechako, I mean it
There’s just nothing there to halfway compare
To Yukon


I’ve lived in the Maritimes
That Newfoundland rock
I liked it
Ontario thrilled me with Blue Jays and Skydome
And I liked it
The prairies their wheatfields all golden aglow
Their women are pretty, they stand all alone
‘Cause they’re only a dream to a Can-Can routine
In Yukon


Parlez-vous le fran├žais
In beautiful Quebec
I liked it
I cheered on those Habs to win Stanley Cup
And I liked
The NWT and its arctic serene
Nunavut our newest territory
Brings me back to my book of memories
In Yukon


Where do you go after Yukon?
What do you do after Yukon?
There’s only one place I know
That I want to go
Heaven’s where I’ll go
After Yukon