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Jade at 2 minus one week

24 Jan

Jade will be turning two in less than a week! It’s hard to believe she’s already reaching her second birthday, and yet it seems like forever since she was the little lump of fuzz who couldn’t even hold up her own head. (It also requires heroic efforts not to think about the fact that she doesn’t have any siblings yet, but I will avoid that path today.)


In the last couple of weeks I’ve been getting lots of pictures of Jade crying. She may be perfectly happy and entertaining herself when I fetch the camera, but as soon as she sees it out, she wants to me to “down” (sit) and show her the “pitters”. Trying to convince her we have to take a pitter before she can look at the pitter is still a bit beyond her. So we have pitters of a very sad Jade, whose tears dry up as soon as I can turn the LCD her way to show her what a whiny disappointed toddler looks like.


We’ve been having some fun with Jade’s hair, but not too much fun because she hates having anyone play with it. Cheryl at the daycare managed to convince Jade to let her put it in pigtails by saying she could play with the water spray bottle during the ordeal. I couldn’t believe how long her hair looked when it was put up. I managed to finagle a similar deal with Jade a day or two later and actually French-braided her hair.

Jade continues to grow more determined to have things a certain way. For example, some days she absolutely refused to wear the coordinating outfits I choose for her and insists on choosing her own. Since appearing like a fashion disaster is not really harmful, I tend to go along with her choices, although I do admit to cringing at times, and of trying to convince her to choose something else. This morning Jade settled on pink and white striped socks adorned with teddy bears, yellow pants with tiny orange flowers, and a blue sweater with a snowflake design on it. I toned it down by covering her feet with her Padraigs, but anyway, she was happy! Fashion is highly over-rated, anyway, right?


We’ve reduced breastfeeding down to twice a day (short sessions before bed and first thing in the morning) and I am happy to be able to say that we kept going until her second birthday. My original plan was for just one year, but there never seemed to be a reason to stop. At least Whitehorse tends to be supportive that way. I’ve never had any negative comments directed at me for extended breastfeeding. Unlike a friend of mine in Ottawa who is nursing her one-year-old, and was told at a Christmas party that she was disgusting. (The baby wasn’t even there, they were just having a chat around the subject.) Imagine!

I still haven’t decided just what we’re going to do about weaning. Jade still loves to suck. When it’s not a boob, she’ll often ask for a bottle and will occasionally drink a litre of milk in a day this way; milk from a cup, even a sippy cup, just won’t do. She still asks for a “sooda” at night. And yet, at daycare she won’t touch either a bottle or a soother, which to me is a sign that she really doesn’t need either. As soon as she sees me coming to pick her up at daycare, though, she makes a beeline for the bottle in her lunch bag. It’s bizarre. I’m torn between feelings of, “we’ve gotta do something about this” and “why not just let her grow out of it when she feels like it?”

Some fun new words Jade has learned to say in the last couple of weeks are “Cockadoodledoo” (but her version sounds more like “leedleedleedle”), “sheeP” and I’m sure all the sheep are happy they can stop being “sheets” now, and “get”, which means “good”. She also make frequent use of “fweezins” which is a slightly closer rendition to “raisins” than she could manage before. Did I mention that she says “dee en” at the end of every book we read?


Because we’ve got a number of things going on both this weekend and next, I don’t think we’ll have much of a birthday party for her. But she’s only turning two, for goodness sakes, so I’m sure she won’t mind if we just celebrate quietly at home.

Home sick

15 Jan

It’s not often that I actually stay home because of a cold, but Jade and I both started sniffling yesterday and she woke up twice last night because she couldn’t breathe. When we got up this morning, Jade looked pretty awful and by the end of breakfast, I’d decided we’d better not inflict our pestilential presence on the world.

The strange thing is that I wasn’t feeling so very terrible myself, but by the time I’d called work and the daycare, I felt as though I’d been run over by a train and just wanted to crawl back into bed. Jade, on the other hand, started running around like a wild child. Fortunately, I was able to doze on the couch for an hour (not sleeping, mind you) while she read books, banged on the piano, knocked over the guitar, asked me to pick it up, righted it herself, and strummed the strings.

I have never had so many colds in my life as since Jade started daycare last January. I hope that this is something we’ll both outgrow, starting about now.

We both just finished lunch and now it is time for a nap. Sorry, make that naps.

Dancing baby

13 Jan

Darn, it’s almost 11 p.m. again.  I was hoping to get a few more things done tonight, like reading more of the midwifery material I need to have done before a big meeting on Tuesday, and also posting photos from Germany and Mexico because I promised these would be on my blog in the annual letter I sent out to friends and family last week. Most of the letters have arrived at their destinations, but the photos have not!  Sorry folks.  If you’re here for pics, keep checking back; it’s near the top of my list.

Many of the evenings where I haven’t been getting things done, it’s been because I’ve been getting stuck at the piano.  The Big Band has a dance coming up on Saturday the 26th, so I’ve been practicing for that, but I’ve also been working on a new song.  I was pleased with it when I finished it, and then I got disenchanted with it, but tonight I made some changes that have got me excited about it again.  So I just couldn’t leave the piano when it felt so close!

I just wanted to write a quick post to tell you all about some of Jade’s new words.  Today I heard two words that I’d never heard her use before: "lap" and "dance".  Although she didn’t use them together, thank goodness.

"Dance" came first.  I’ve been playing lots of music during the day, and we often dance together.  Some of the big band-type music really gets the heart pumping, particularly when you’re swinging a toddler around in the air.  Anyway, I had some big band music on this afternoon, and Jade came over to me, put her arms out to me and said, "dance?"  How could I resist?  She’s getting good at it, too, and not just in my arms.  Charmaine came to babysit for an hour so that I could walk Nanuq and since she’d just taken her first belly-dancing class, she showed Jade some of her new moves.  We have a budding belly-dancer in the house!

The second word came about when I sat down this evening (on the toilet, no less) and Jade came running over clutching several books.  Normally she asks to be read to by saying, "book? Book? Yeah?" but this time she said, "lap?" instead.  Despite being caught with my pants down (snort) we sat together and read for a bit.

Yesterday she surprised me by pointing at the koala on her toothbrush and happily announcing "lala!"  I also learned that an umbrella is a "lella" and a hippo is an "ippo".  (We’re making sure she learns all the most important words first, you see.)

So those are the highlights of the day.  Hmm, I sure hope Jade sticks with belly dancing and leaves the lap-dancing out of her repertoire…

The green, green grass of home

9 Jan

This is a long post, so I’ve tucked some of it away under the fold.  Click “Continue Reading” to see the rest of my ramblings. 

Single working parents of small children, I salute you.  I am only on my second work day of this stretch of single-parenting, and I already feel beaten.  For the second day in a row, I went into work 40 minutes late, after being up until 1 in the morning trying to prepare for the day, hoping it would get off to a smooth start, which it didn’t.

I decided this morning that I just wasn’t going to get stressed out about being late.  I’ll simply keep track of the time I owe my employer, and when Michael gets back, I’ll go in to work and make up the time on a Monday that I usually stay home.  When I rush around, I tend to get into accidents, which slows me down, having to clean up the mess I wouldn’t have made if I’d just been slower in the first place.

The main problem these last two mornings is that Jade has been waking up in the night or early in the morning, and by the time she goes back to sleep, it’s the time we’re both supposed to be getting up, but I’m exhausted.  Her routine has been off since our Christmas holidays started (so many parties!) but I was hoping it would be back to normal by now.  She’s tending to sleep in and isn’t napping as well in the afternoons.  If it weren’t for work and daycare, I’d be happy to sleep in and have shorter naps (or no nap) later in the day, especially with the short sunlight hours we have now.  But the necessity of getting to work on time and of trying to maintain a routine similar to what they do at daycare makes this a non-option. Continue reading

Jade at 23 months

4 Jan
There is less than a month left to go before Jade turns 2, so it must be time for an update.
Jade on Christmas morning; some friends are loaning us this old rocking horse for a while! 
Mama’s little helper
I’m continually astonished by the things Jade can do and understand.  The crafts she brings home from daycare are often far more sophisticated than I would’ve thought one could do with a 2-year-old.  This year, Jade helped me to decorate the tree.  She put some of the ornaments on the tree herself (including one she made herself at daycare) but the best part was putting the old-fashioned tin "icicles" on.  Her little hands can actually fit into the tube in which they are stored, and she handed them to me one by one so that I could hang them on the tree.  Sometimes they got bent when she was taking them out of the tube, and she would exclaim "Uh oh! Uh oh! Uh oh!" and give them to me to fix.  She was just as helpful when we took the tree down on Sunday.  I took the icicles off and put them on the floor in bunches and she picked them up one by one and put them back into the tubes.
Jade helps Michael fix the beater brush on the vacuum
Sing, Sing, Sing
Jade has always loved music, and she’s taken to singing on her own now.  One day when we were driving home she was singing something unintelligble to me, and gesturing and I was sure she was showing us something she’d learned at daycare.  When I asked her care-giver Michelle about it next day, I found out that she had been singing "Skinny-ma-rink".
On Tuesday, Jade was doing the Sandra Boynton "Pajama Time!" thing in the car.  I guess it’s not exactly a song, but it sort of is.  The last page goes like this:
(Hush, hush)
It’s Pajama Time!
(Hush, hush)
it’s pajama time

Good Night
Sleep Tight
Jade LOVES this book and especially loves the last page.  I was driving along the Yukon River and she was saying "Hush, hush" (pause) "Hush, hush" (pause) "shhhhh".
Yesterday Michael witnessed her doing a fair rendition of "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star".  Do I even have to tell you how my heart squeezes when I hear her making music?
Learning to play Uncle Tim’s ukelele 
Books, books, books
Speaking of books, Jade is obsessed with books right now.  If it were up to Jade, we could spend entire mornings doing nothing but reading one book after another, and many of them more than once!  Michael and I are both please to be raising a bookworm, although it can get a bit tedious when there are other things to get done.  Michael had a struggle getting Jade to go outside for some fresh air last night, although she loves being outside.  She just wanted him to sit and read to her, and she wanted to point out the animals and show us everything she knows.  Also, I think she was exercising her 2-year-old right to use the word "no" emphatically at every possible occasion.
Jade’s current favourite is "Brown Bear, Brown Bear What do You See?" by Bill Martin Jr and Eric Carle.  She knows what animal is coming up on the next page before we turn it and particularly loves the last page where all the animals are recapped and she can point them out to us one by one.  She’s also starting to learn colours now.
The family on Christmas morning
Jade’s last incisor is finally in, and her canines are starting to come out.  We try to remember to brush them every night now, but we do occasionally slip up.  It’s gotten more difficult, though; she used to enjoy tooth-brushing, but now she’s decided she doesn’t want to do it.  Fortunately, the daycare does tooth-brushing after snack each morning, so at least someone else is also looking out for her dental health three days a week.
Jade talks more and more each day and often parrots us.  Sometimes she spouts nonsense in a steady stream, but she’s using more and more two and three word sentences, and even uses the occasional "please" without prompting.  I can no longer keep track of the new words she’s learned, but some of my favourites are: "the end" at the end of every book, "there you go" (actually "dere go!") whenever she hands us something or puts something away in its place (which she loves to do), "lights" (or, as she says it "lieeees") which isn’t really a new word, but which became much-used over the Christmas holiday.  "Dee Dee" is Jade’s name for herself – again not something entirely new, but it just recently occurred to me to tell people that’s what she means.  In case you’re wondering, it’s because we usually call her "Jade Jade".
Jade really shocked me on Christmas morning when she opened up a toy a neighbour had brought for her, pointed at it and said, "Elmo!"  We’ve never had an Elmo at home, so this was clearly something she picked up at daycare.  It made me wonder what other kid-culture characters she knows that maybe I don’t even know.  She might be getting cooler than me already.
Jade’s first time on her bob-skates (Christmas gift from Norris and Charmaine)

And here we are practicing our routine for the 2020 Olympics

(Thanks to Tim for all the pictures except the vacuuming one, which Michael took.)