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Wild abandon

24 Jan

In spite of my morning fending off panic attacks, Jade had a pretty good day yesterday, even though she woke up with just trace ketones — yikes!  It was a rough start, but got better from there.

After talking with the dietitian, we all agreed that Jade is probably running out of fat overnight, which causes her ketones to drop.   Starting with supper last night, Jade will be getting an extra 25 calories per meal.  (Her ketones were up this morning — hooray!)

The calorie increase means recalculating all the recipes, but the dietitian has already got a bunch of them done, and besides, it’s worth it to help keep Jade perkier.  We all love perky kids, right?  This is what happens when Jade is perky:

(Here’s the direct link if the above isn’t working.)