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The definition of good timing

9 Mar

…when your daughter, who is drinking way more than she ever has in her life (in an effort to prevent kidney stones) crawls into bed with you in the middle of the night and snuggles up, only to wake you an hour later because she peed in your bed.

…and the arm of your pajamas are soaked, so you strip her, and you strip yourself and put everything in the washing machine, and freeze a little as you dig a set of freshly-washed PJs out of the dryer.

…and you head back to the bedroom to check out just how bad your mattress is.

Then you’ll be glad you didn’t get around to changing the sheets on your bed this week. Well, that’s good timing, I guess, you might think to yourself.


…you wrestle with the heavy mattress, which has just one slightly-damp spot on it, because it really needed to be flipped and rotated, anyway.

…and you wonder where the heck your husband disappeared to as you grunt and sweat to flip the darned thing over.

…then you put fresh sheets on, and while you’re at it, change the pillowcases, too.

…and you trip all over the clothes lying about the floor as you switch from one side of the bed to the other, tucking the fitted sheet under, lining up the flat sheet, noting that it’s taking you a good 10 minutes to get it just right so that the scratchy Hudson’s Bay blanket is encased in the flat sheet so that it won’t grate your face in the night, thinking this would go so much faster if only another adult were around at the moment.

…and you finally, finally, settle back into bed, in those cool, crisp sheets, read the alarm clock (4:55), and switch off the bedside lamp.


…your husband walks in, having snuggled a very distraught girl back to peaceful sleep in her own bed.

Then you might tell him he missed all the fun of helping you change the sheets on your bed, and doesn’t he have excellent timing?

Fighting the mold monster

16 Oct

Once upon a time, we bought a washer and dryer.  They were front-loaders.  They were stackable.  I was in love.

We just finally got them stacked last week.  While we were in Vancouver, Tim did a laundry room renovation that makes the teeny room seem twice as large as before.  I was ecstatic!  It really is a great thing, but it’s not what this post is about.

I’ve been noticing for a few weeks that the washer has a moldy, mildewy smell in it.  And some of our towels seem to smell that way, too.  Although I never did before (for safety reasons), in the past few weeks, I started leaving the front door of the washer open to let it air out.  And since I can access the machines more easily in our now-spacious laundry room, I gave everything a good wipe earlier this week.

Then I read this post on the Home Ec 101 blog.  I had never ever heard that front-load washing machines are prone to mold growth.  Since it’s apparent that the machine already has a mold problem, I did a search on how to resolve the problem.  It’s scary, but from what I’ve read, it’s not necessarily an easy fix.  Although I’ve been noticing the mold smell only for the past few weeks (and I thought it was because SOMEBODY had left wet loads of laundry in the machine for SEVERAL DAYS, but I’m not saying WHO…) it’s possible that this is a problem that’s been building up for a while.  That scares the crap out of me.  What if this is what’s been causing us to get so many colds.  Or if it has something to do with Jade’s seizures?

I literally found out about this issue just now, so I haven’t actually tried to check out the machine to see where the mold might be yet.  I’ll let you know how the battle goes.  And if you have any tips for me, please let me know.