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En route

7 May

I’m sitting in the International wing of the Vancouver Airport. There’s a little oasis here, with a stream, grasses growing along the edges, a footbridge from which small children can throw coins, a giant salt-water aquarium, and comfy chairs all around.

I have quite a nasty head cold and am grateful for the sinus-clearing drugs that allowed me to stave it off long enough on Saturday that I had a fantastic show, and that allowed me to land in Vancouver this morning with trepidation but no pain.

I am off to meet my parents in Oslo. It will take all day today and a good chunk of tomorrow to get there. I’ll be gone for 10 days. I’m excited, but melancholy all at once. Yesterday as I was packing Jade’s lunch, I was getting teary thinking about leaving my girls for so long. And I very nearly cried when my plane took off this morning. I am a suck.

I know Michael is perfectly capable, and yet I feel bad to leave him to parent both girls and try to get his work done. (Although I do the same thing. But my work doesn’t pay the bills. It just barely pays for itself. Yet.)

I just had a Skype talk with Michael and Halia, so I feel a bit better.

My Oma will be in Oslo, too. I haven’t seen her in a couple of years and I’m really looking forward to giving her a great big hug. I wish I’d thought to ask the girls to make a card for her before I left home.

This is my life today. Chaotic, disorganized, and exciting.

And my kids will be fine.

More bump blather

27 Aug

Here’s a little meme I found over at Adventures in Babywearing.

Preggy Facts:

1. Who did you first inform about your pregnancy and how?
The first person to know I was pregnant with Jade was Michael.  I hadn’t been able to sleep all night for thinking about doing a pregnancy test in the morning and I ended up getting up around 6 in the morning to do it.  I woke Michael up to show him the positive test, but he was too sleepy to get the message for several moments. 

With Nugget, Michael was also first to know but I had to tell him over the phone because he was out of town.  Actually, there was no number where I could reach him, so I e-mailed him and told him to phone me first thing in the morning.

2. Maximum weight?
I hit 185 lbs when I was 39 weeks pregnant with Jade and she was born a few days later.  Although I feel absolutely enormous this time, it seems I’m on the same track.  I went and checked my old blog and found out that right around now I was weighing 172.5 lbs with Jade; when I weighed myself yesterday morning, I was 170 lbs.

3. Cravings?
Nothing too different from the cravings I get when I’m not pregnant.  Just more often.  I almost always eat a bedtime snack now.

4. Aversions?
Perfume.  Don’t wear it to work, please, and definitely don’t wear it to dinner or to a theatre.  You will give me a headache, nausea, and a really bad temper.

5. Morning Sickness?
With Jade, I felt nauseated only when I was hungry.  Oh, and on the winding roads around Muncho Lake.  But that might have been hunger.  With Nugget, I was pretty queasy for most of the first trimester.

D-Day Facts:

1. Number of Kids/Deliveries?
One actual outside-of-the-womb child, one delivery.  Nugget is next on the list!

2. NSD or CS?
Jade’s delivery was natural in that I didn’t have any pain management medications, although I was hooked up to an IV for antibiotics and later the oxytocin drip.

3. Girl or Boy?
One girl and one unknown!

4. AOG (age of gestation) on Birth?
Jade was born around 39 weeks.  I’m hoping Nugget will also be early or at least on time.  If s/he waits until the 19th or later, I won’t be able to say I had two kids by the age of 30.

5. How long in labour?
This is a tricky question.  My water broke on Sunday morning and 24 hours later I was 4cm dilated, so technically I was in labour all that time.  But during that time I never felt anything worse than very mild cramping, so it seems silly to count it.  Once they started the oxytocin, I ripped through the rest of labour.  The nurses told me it would take an hour of labour per centimetre after regular contractions had been established, so I expected a minimum of six hours.  Jade was born an hour and a half after they started the drip.

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