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And the winner is…

7 May

Nugget! I’m sooo glad Michael’s popular suggestion didn’t keep y’all from continuing to share your ideas. I jestingly chided him for killing the comments by having such a great idea too early in the game, but you sure showed me!  Thanks for all the great contributions!

“Pickle” makes me laugh, “Corndog” just makes me vaguely nauseated (not sure why), and overall I marvel at the many food-related suggestions, though I guess it shouldn’t be surprising given the fact that by 9 months we end up looking like the cartoon characters that have eaten too much.

So, in Nugget news, I had a visit with Dr. Gudapati yesterday morning and we tried out the Doppler for the first time. Unlike the first time we tried finding Jade’s heartbeat, Nugget’s heart came through right away, loud and clear at 142 beats per minute. Hurrah!

Since I chronicled my weight gain throughout my pregnancy with Jade, I guess I’ll do it again this time, but I honestly can’t remember just what my weight was according to the doctor’s scale on my first visit. Something around 150 lbs, anyway. Yesterday I weighed in at 154, which isn’t bad considering how huge I feel already. I was telling Stacie the other day about riding my bike and how the bolt that holds my seat to the post has been chafing my thigh. This is rather scary because nothing on my bike has changed (besides a little rust) since last fall, so it’s clearly my thigh that is reaching under the seat to rub against the bolt. Lovely, just lovely.

Michael and I have now met with both the local midwives, and had a great visit with each. There seems to be a lot to think about… for someone who has worked in midwifery advocacy over the past couple of years, I find it strange that my thoughts are not more organized. I’m still not absolutely certain as to what I want to do. Just give me some time to get my brain in order and I’ll let you all know what’s going on.


Audience participation: name the baby

2 May

So I have about two brain cells left now that it’s the end of the week, but I don’t have the energy to get them close enough to rub them together.  Therefore, it must be time for YOU to send ideas to me.  After all, I’ve been told to take a break, and somebody‘s gotta pick up the slack, right?  Right?

I’ve been thinking that I need some kind of nickname for this baby I’m busy gestating, but can’t seem to come up with anything interesting.  Maybe because it requires more than two brain cells to rub together.  My sister-in-law Lindsay calls her little one “Bun” (due to arrive any day now!) and my cyberpal IndyComp0T1 calls hers “PK” (which stands for “Potential Kid” and is the name she and her hubby have been using since they started thinking about getting pregnant — love it!).

The nicknames I see most frequently online are Peanut and Little Bean; Peanut just seems too generic and Bean was actually what I’d been calling the little bean I lost in November (privately, as in, in my own head).  I just can’t bring myself to reuse it.

So whaddya say, dear readers?  Got any creative ideas for me?