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Pull my, er….

2 Jan

A few years ago, my mother sent us a handful of these fun nutcracker tree ornaments.  I look forward to hanging them on the tree every year. The soldier-shaped nutcracker is such a “Christmas” thing for me, and of course it’s fun for the kids to pull the string and make these little guys dance.

This Christmas, both girls have been obsessed with all things nutcracker, since they both got to watch the local production of “The Nutcracker” ballet. That made me extra excited to hang these guys, knowing how much the kids would enjoy playing with them.

Tree-decorating was somewhat chaotic, with my two girls, their 11-month-old cousin, plus our four-year-old neighbour all in the fray.  But for the adults, it all came to a momentary standstill when Halia pointed at one of the nutcrackers and asked, “Is this his penis?”

She paused, looked at me, grabbed the string, and asked, “Can I pull it?”