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The inevitable potty training post

1 Oct

After all, this is pretty much a Mommyblog, and I am the mom of a toddler.  It’s practically a requirement.

So, once upon a time, we thought about potty training.  I don’t think Jade was much older than a year when I bought a potty for her, one that could be used on its own, or for which the seat can be removed and placed on the toilet, while the rest of it acts as a step-stool.  Nifty.  We weren’t ready to really start training then, but every once in a while Jade would sit on it and read.  Once in a blue moon, she happened to tinkle in it.

Last winter, around the time Jade turned two, Michael was ready to go for it and start the serious training.  I was all, well, go ahead, but I sure don’t feel like starting right now.  Half the time she’s in a snowsuit, and I don’t want to be washing snowsuits.  And switching back and forth between diaper and no diaper just seemed so counter-productive at that stage.  And another local blogger linked to a post she made about potty training and everything she wrote made sense to me and, hey, she’s mom to four kids, so why go against the two and a half edict?  And Jade’s vocabulary wasn’t at a point where I thought she could really, truly understand what we were doing.  Anyway, the whole point is, I wasn’t ready for potty training.

Then summer came.  It wasn’t much of a summer, but at least no snowsuits were at peril.  So we bought a pile of little-girl panties and set about with the training.  Things were okay for a while.  At first, she really didn’t want to spend any time on the potty, so I tried bribing her with M&Ms, but that just resulted in tears when she asked for them and I wouldn’t give her any unless she at least sat on the potty, so we just stopped that whole nonsense.  Most days were still diaper days, but we spent some days focussing on potty training and she starting to enjoy reading on the potty again.

Then the seizures started.

Between the stress and worry of trying to control Jade’s epilepsy and the energy it took just being pregnant, I really didn’t have the energy for potty training.  And then we observed that some of Jade’s seizures caused a loss of bladder control.  And sometimes even bowel control.  And I had even less energy for potty training.  So diapers it was.

The seizures got better, so we started the training again.  Jade loved being in panties, and she occasionally peed in the potty, but she seemed to prefer going standing up.  She could go all morning long without peeing at all, so wow, bladder control.  But didn’t seem to “get” that she could tell herself to go when she was on the potty.  She loved telling me she had to pee when we were outside, so we get everything off and then she’d squat (with me helping her) and then she’d announce she was done without actually doing anything.  Sometimes we’d put her on the potty and she wouldn’t go, but she’d go three minutes later somewhere not on the potty.  Sometimes she waited until she had a diaper on, like at nap time, and then she’d go.  (Maybe not on purpose, maybe after she fell asleep.)  Anyway, this was all the usual potty training stuff, I figured.

We wanted to go whole hog and just get rid of diapers during the day, but Jade’s daycare worker wanted her in pull-ups because three other kids in the group are also training and she felt overwhelmed.  I went and got some cloth training pants as a compromise.

And then the seizures went all crazy again a couple of weeks ago.  So back to diapers we went again.

Well, I think the seizures have calmed down again for now, so now what?  Should we start potty training yet again?  I just don’t know what the best plan is.

Some people would describe Jade’s peeing almost everywhere but the potty as a sign that she’s “not ready”.  I think that we could wait until she fully understands how to go on command (her own, I mean) and then potty training would go quickly.  Or we can be fairly intensive with her and it will take more time to train, but she’ll likely be trained earlier than if we wait until she all the signs of “ready” under the sun.   But I don’t like having one practice at home and a different one at the daycare, so that part frustrates me.  We’ve applied to have a worker who can be with her one-on-one at the daycare for her safety (thanks to Yukon Health and the Child Development Centre for that program!); maybe that person would be willing to do the panties-all-day thing with her.  But I don’t really know when that worker will materialize.  And are we going to start potty training again, only to have the seizures set us back once again?  Should we really let that “maybe” stop us?  What about the fact that Nugget will be in diapers?  Will she decide she wants them again, too?  Should we really let that “maybe” stop us?

Some arguments for potty training… We stopped using cloth diapers early in the spring because Jade had pretty much outgrown the ones we had and we figured the potty training would start soon, anyway.  Damn, it’s expensive to be buying disposables all the time.  Not to mention the garbage.  And Jade likes being in panties (although sometimes she asks for the disposable pull-ups — I think she likes the animals on them).  And I think Michael is actually just a wee bit ashamed to have a non potty-trained kid, when a number of her peers from our prenatal group are.  (Even though plenty of kids don’t get potty-trained until well into their third year these days… I never thought I’d have one of them, though.  What is it about potty training that makes us so opinionated and judgmental?)

Arguments against potty training… Not potty training means basically “doing nothing”.   And we all know that doing nothing is just easier.

*sigh*  Any thoughts, kids?