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The last belly pics

11 Nov

I hit 39 weeks last Friday.  Yesterday I saw Dr. Gudapati because she wanted to follow up after my Vancouver hospital stay.  Why is it that I always weigh more on the doctor’s scale than at home (180 lbs on her scale, 175 at home)?  It can’t possibly be that my home scale isn’t particularly accurate, right?  Nugget’s heartbeat was a happy 145 bpm and after talking briefly with the doctor, I was on my way to finish running errands.

I felt so great when I got home last night that I got Michael to do some long-delayed belly shots; it’s the first time in a while that I’ve really felt like smiling.  I’m pretty sure these are the last ones because there are signs this morning that Nugget will make his or her entrance later today.  Including that contraction I just had…


When Michael took it, I said I wouldn’t post the naked belly picture, but that I wanted it for myself and for Nugget.  I told him it was because I didn’t want to traumatize any poor women who’ve never been pregnant; that war zone of stretch marks might cause them to run, screaming, from their computers.  But really it’s because all these months I’ve felt self-conscious about those stretch marks, which have gotten steadily more spectacular week by week.  I’ve never had a bikini-worthy midriff, but with this pregnancy, there really is no hope of that, ever.  Looking at the picture, though, my belly doesn’t look so bad to me.  This is what happens when I carry this kind of precious cargo.  And I wouldn’t trade that for the world.

Sorry for the lapse…

9 Nov

… but wireless Internet in Whitehorse hit an all-time low yesterday when apparently all of Navigo / NorthwesTel / Bell’s customers went without service for the entire day.  Sorry to leave you in suspense!  To summarize:

  • No Nugget yet, but when Heather came to do my prenatal checkup yesterday, she said his/her head was so low that she couldn’t even feel it!  Also, she says her practice tends to go crazy around new moons and full moons.  There’s a full moon on Wednesday, so…
  • After a couple of great days, Jade seems to be kind of crashing again, with lower ketones and more seizures.  Michael and I are actually wondering if she’s not getting enough calories.  There’s still so much learning to do.
  • Medicine and vitamins continue to be a huge challenge.  I try to coax and wheedle as much as possible, but we’ve had to resort to physically holding her and forcing them in a number of times.  I can’t even express how much I hate doing this, especially on nights like tonight when meals are also a battle.
  • The house is slowly being tamed as my mother works her awesome super-organizing-machine powers in between Jade-watching and cooking shifts.
  • We moved all of Jade’s things into her new room today and she’s spending her first night in the big-girl bed.  She’s had a few naps in there already, so we’ll see how tonight goes.
  • I am exhausted.  But I REALLY wanted to try baking a low-carb almond bread for Jade tonight.  But it takes an hour to bake.  Argh.  Hmmm, maybe I’ll just weigh out the ingredients and bake it tomorrow.  Then it will be ready just in time for Jade’s morning snack…
  • I am SO ready and yet SO not ready for this baby to arrive.  And, um, no, we still don’t have names picked out.


7 Nov

I’ve been feeling twinges all day.  Some have made me gasp.  I’m also extra forgetful.  I’ve been running to the bathroom a lot.  I’m also extra forgetful.  Did I say that already?

Hmmm, Nugget, could this be it?

Home free

31 Oct
Ready to go out

Ready to go out

God, it feels good to be home!  I was discharged from the hospital on Wednesday afternoon, having apparently passed the kidney stones (and also, apparently, averting the desire of one of the OBs to INDUCE LABOUR — he must be INSANE to think I could go through childbirth without first recovering from the kidney stones!) and spent the rest of the time in Vancouver running around to grocery stores and hospital appointments and cooking fiddly recipes full of cream and butter in which each ingredient must be weighed to within 0.2 grams.  So this is the first time I’ve had a chance to get back to the blog, even though I originally fully intended to keep it up to date during the whole diet initiation phase.  Yeah well, the Universe had other plans.

[Paranoia aside:  I worry that those of you who don’t actually know me in real life will start thinking that we’re making up all this stupid drama in order to get attention and sympathy.  Because I hear there are people out there sick enough to do that.]

So, I missed half the training at the hospital because of the damned kidney stones, but since we’d done so much research ourselves before going down, it really wasn’t a big deal to catch it all up in the one session I got to go to on Thursday.  Plus I got a chance to ask the questions I had.  The whole week became more about making sure Jade got a good start than it was about teaching us.  The keto team was pretty darned impressed with Michael.  (Sadly, it seems they don’t have much faith in fatherkind.  They said they get nervous when dads come without mums to keto initiation, but they didn’t say anything about mums coming without dads, which probably happens a lot more often.  Lucky us that Michael is such an awesome dad.)

As for the kidney stones, I hope to hell it’s something I never have to go through again.  Besides the joy of having to pass all your urine through a sieve (to look for stones), staying hooked up to an IV (to pump the body full of fluids), and spending your time in one of those gorgeously fashionable hospital gowns with your ass hanging out the back (because who has time for underwear when all you’re doing is sleeping and peeing?), there is the pain.  No two ways about it, the pain is awful. I spent a whole night and day on morphine — I’ve never slept so much in my life.  Every time I asked for a shot, it was after struggling with guilt and fear and going for as long as I could stand it.  If I get morphine, it means Nugget gets morphine, and I really don’t need another drug addict baby around here, yanno?  But let me tell you, I needed something to stop the pain, if only to stop all my other muscles from tensing up (my abs were very sore by the time the kidney stopped hurting).  People, I tell you solemnly, I WOULD RATHER BE IN LABOUR!

Tail dragging in the snow -- I love that this costume allowed Jade to wear warm clothes underneath!

Tail dragging in the snow — I love that this costume allowed Jade to wear warm clothes underneath!

There were some nice things about the hospital stay.  I met some very nice doctors and nurses (I LOVED the admitting doctor at Emerg).  And the hospital was close to the New Westminster waterfront, so I got to hear train whistles blowing, a romantic sound when it’s just heard from a distance.  And they did an ultrasound to check out my kidneys, ovaries, and appendix (couldn’t see the appendix because of the baby in the way), so I actually got to see Nugget’s face!  Being so late in pregnancy means there’s a lot more detail, and my sister got to see it with me.  We even watched Nugget make sucking motions with a hand in front of his/her face.  Nope, still don’t know the sex; I specifically told the tech I didn’t want to find out.

This whole week has been such a roller coaster, it’s left me extremely hormonal and emotional.  I will cry about practically anything.  The idea of other kids being sick like Jade.  The idea of other families being normal and not having sick kids like Jade.  Watching Jade hit her head yet again with an ill-timed drop seizure.  The fact that Michael had a Nanaimo bar dessert on the plane even though Jade was awake, because I really wanted one but it wouldn’t be fair for both of us to have one and not give one to Jade when she can SEE them and is asking for them.  Somehow losing my coat in Vancouver, even though I never actually wore it there.  Jade not finishing her meals, when it’s so important that she does.

I really hope a good night’s sleep will fix me up.

In the meantime, it did my heart good to watch Jade out trick-or-treating.  The neighbours were great about giving out our special non-food treats, and one of them even bought her an extra gift that Jade absolutely loved — a kit containing an activity book, paints, brushes, glitter glue, and other crafty goodies.  Plus, one of my bloggy Whitehorse friends went out of her way to find us some of the harder-to-find ingredients that are important to Jade’s new diet (36% cream, coconut oil, old-fashioned-no-sweetener-added Kool-Aid) and she’s dropping them off tomorrow morning.  And Crook and Nanuq were both well looked-after while we were away.  And my girlfriend down the street reminded me again to make a list of people to invite to a food shower she wants to organize to fill up our freezer for when Nugget arrives.  People are so good to us.

It took a few houses before Jade got brave enough to actually say "Trick or Treat".  Notice Michael's clawed face.  What a vicious lion.

It took a few houses before Jade got brave enough to actually say "Trick or Treat". Notice Michael's clawed face. Vicious lion...


8 Oct

This week I started back to work full-time again. I’ve had Mondays off (along with a 20% reduction in my salary) ever since I returned from Jade’s mat leave. It’s just for a month (and next Monday is a holiday) so I’ll certainly survive, but it still takes some getting used to. The thing is, I have this feeling hanging over me that Nugget is going to come any day now and I seem to be going into full nesting mode. It’s a strange time to be spending less time at home.

What is it that makes me feel like Nugget is coming early? I can’t put my finger on it. It’s not that I’m ready to be done with this pregnancy just yet, despite the aching unmentionables and the underwear that keeps rolling down in front and the — WTH is going on here? — Braxton-Hicks contractions that I never experienced when I was pregnant with Jade. The fact is, I’m not ready for Nugget to arrive yet; there’s still far too much to do. Our shed is done enough that we’ve finally started moving some of the chaos out of the house; I’ve got a huge urge to purge and organize and sort and I feel there’s no way I’m going to get it all done before D-Day arrives. Hmmm, I think that may be the very definition of nesting.

My mom is coming to help out for six weeks. I’m so grateful that Jade will have someone to be with, if need be, during Nugget’s birth and I know I’ll be spoiled in the food-preparation-and-keeping-the-house-orderly arena. But as I consider the mounds of stuff to organize, I can’t help wishing that she were already here, instead of arriving on November 3. My mother is an organizing machine, people. There’s nothing like having a mom around when you’re in full nesting mode and not only do you not have your Mondays off, but you really shouldn’t be carrying those heavy bins of baby clothes around.

Oh, and the other reason I know Nugget is coming, like, tomorrow? We still don’t have names picked out.

This blog is going down the…

2 Oct

Speaking of potties, finding the toilet in the middle of the night is an important thing for me these days.  Having a baby taking up room that is normally occupied by bladder will do that.  Also, drinking tons of water because of the thirst that accompanies pregnancy (for me, anyway).

Luckily, I have to get up only once most nights.  Lucky, because navigating the short distance from bed to bathroom can be hazardous in the dark, especially with my sharp-as-a-mole no-glasses vision in the middle of the night.

The easy solution that we employed in Fort Liard?  A small night light in the bathroom.  It guides you to the bathroom door with its gentle luminescence and reminds you to go around that basket of toilet paper that is still sitting in front of the sink.

Unfortunately, our bathroom outlets are wired in such a way that power flows to them only when the light switch is on.  And guess what?  When the lights in the bathroom are on… I don’t really really need a night light.

100% professional

26 Sep

It’s Friday today.  This is the Yukon and fashion isn’t most people’s biggest concern.  Many people wear jeans to work regularly, but I try to limit it to Fridays, just for the principle of it.

The sad thing is, my lovely maternity jeans, which I wore happily throughout Jade’s pregnancy, are no longer comfy.  Yes, my beloved mat jeans have joined the ranks of the Grumpy Pants.  Nugget is so low that the only pants that are comfortable now are the ones with the huge over-the-belly stretch panel that can be folded down… the kind of pants that usually fall down when you walk.

I have two pairs of dress pants in that style, and I wear a Bella Band to keep them up, but it’s still not comfortable.  (Maybe I need to get a bigger Bella Band…)  The only thing that is really comfortable are my Sportees yoga pants.  They’re what I change into when I come home from work and what I live in all weekend.  I miss them when I have to wash them, and they usually go straight from the dryer back onto my body — no languishing for weeks in the laundry pile for these babies.

They’re pretty new, so they’re still a nice dark black.  And so I have worn them to work today.

I KNOW!  I can’t believe I’m wearing what are essentially sweats to work.  But I’m pretending I’m not.  I’m wearing a nice top with a chunky necklace, along with black socks and dressy-ish shoes.  And given that we are in the Yukon, I don’t think anyone has noticed that I’m in yoga pants.  Or cares.

But you know what?  I was WAY more productive this morning than I have been in weeks.  Apparently, ability to breathe comfortably = ability to concentrate on work.  Hunh.  Another lesson for the Grumpy Pants files.  Maybe I really should go shopping…