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This is not a post about puke

1 Apr

I think my dad was trying to curse me yesterday, in the first sentence of the comment he left on my post. He remarked that although, yes, I had done a post on pee, and then one about poop, I hadn’t yet done one about puke. So, just to spite him, I am not going to blog about puke.

I will tell you that I went to check on Halia last night before retiring. She was sleeping so sweetly, breathing so gently, tucked under the beautiful quilt my friend Nita made for her. I’ll tell you how I tucked her in a little more securely and leaned in to kiss her on her sweet cheek.

But I certainly won’t tell you how my nostrils filled with the sour smell of vomit, or what my hand encountered in trying to tuck her in. And I won’t mention that this appears to be the third time this week that Halia has thrown up in her sleep. The other two times, I didn’t even discover what had happened until the next day. But I won’t tell you about that.

Nanuq has been doing so much better, too. For a while, I was worried there was something seriously wrong with him, as he was throwing up so frequently. Disgusting, too, since all he eats is raw fish. But after several vet appointments and making some changes to his feeding schedule, he’s been doing really well for several weeks. It’s been such a relief not to haul out the carpet shampooer every day.  (Haha! Like I actually did that every time!)

This week, we ran out of Nanuq’s fish and I tried to get some more, but the place where we get it was closed. So last night I concocted a mixture of rice and tuna (which he has tolerated fine before) and scrambled eggs (an experiment). He ate it up happily. Isn’t that a nice story?

I won’t add any sour notes to that one by telling you just how many puke puddles I found around the house this morning. It was a bit of a treasure hunt for the kids, since Jade found two and Halia found one… but you won’t want to hear about that.

I absolutely refuse to do a post about vomit.

Now please, people, don’t leave any smart-aleck remarks about snot, blood, or other bodily fluids. I think I’ve had enough, both of blogging and not blogging about these things.