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The definition of good timing

9 Mar

…when your daughter, who is drinking way more than she ever has in her life (in an effort to prevent kidney stones) crawls into bed with you in the middle of the night and snuggles up, only to wake you an hour later because she peed in your bed.

…and the arm of your pajamas are soaked, so you strip her, and you strip yourself and put everything in the washing machine, and freeze a little as you dig a set of freshly-washed PJs out of the dryer.

…and you head back to the bedroom to check out just how bad your mattress is.

Then you’ll be glad you didn’t get around to changing the sheets on your bed this week. Well, that’s good timing, I guess, you might think to yourself.


…you wrestle with the heavy mattress, which has just one slightly-damp spot on it, because it really needed to be flipped and rotated, anyway.

…and you wonder where the heck your husband disappeared to as you grunt and sweat to flip the darned thing over.

…then you put fresh sheets on, and while you’re at it, change the pillowcases, too.

…and you trip all over the clothes lying about the floor as you switch from one side of the bed to the other, tucking the fitted sheet under, lining up the flat sheet, noting that it’s taking you a good 10 minutes to get it just right so that the scratchy Hudson’s Bay blanket is encased in the flat sheet so that it won’t grate your face in the night, thinking this would go so much faster if only another adult were around at the moment.

…and you finally, finally, settle back into bed, in those cool, crisp sheets, read the alarm clock (4:55), and switch off the bedside lamp.


…your husband walks in, having snuggled a very distraught girl back to peaceful sleep in her own bed.

Then you might tell him he missed all the fun of helping you change the sheets on your bed, and doesn’t he have excellent timing?

In which I realize the importance of familial harmony

17 May

I certainly haven’t been very on the ball with the blog this week.  But count yourself lucky, because it’s been one of Those Weeks.  You can be glad you missed it.

Jade followed up her bout of chicken pox with a nasty coughy cold that was somehow much worse than the chicken pox ever were.  We’re not sure if it’s because of the cold, if it’s her last four molars doing her in, or if it’s just the fact that she’s two and testing her boundaries, but this past week the whining and the crying and the recalcitrance took me and Michael to the end of our patience, both with her and with each other.  By mid-week, we were both tired, stressed, and feeling unappreciated.  And we were both fighting colds, too, which didn’t make things go any smoother. 

I went into work in tears on Thursday morning — which is always so very professional — and was pretty embarrassed when my boss stopped by my desk as I was still trying to compose myself.  One of the shining moments in my career.  (Thank God I have such a great boss.)

Sometimes you’ve got to hit these kinds of lows to get things back into perspective, though.  It seems that every once in a while we need a reminder as to how important it is to treat each other with the care and the patience we would naturally extend to others out of politeness.  It amazes me how the people who are closest to us are sometimes the ones we treat the worst when things get tough.  Ahem, anyway… Michael and I managed to regroup, and so our planned evening out on Thursday at The Wolf’s Den restaurant seemed almost celebratory to me. 

By the way, if you’re ever coming to Whitehorse, The Wolf’s Den is a great place to check out.  It’s a bit of a drive out of town (unless you’re driving in from the south) but the setting is lovely and rustic.  Our server Cheyenna entertained Jade with toys and lots of attention, and even gave her a small box of Smarties for dessert.  (Jade didn’t know what they were and rattled the box contentedly until Cheyenna opened it for her.  She shared one or two candies with us before she realized how good they were and started shovelling them in.  I was glad the box was so small!)  From the adults’ perspective the food was enjoyable; my New York steak wasn’t perfect and Michael found the Jägerschnitzel a tad salty (but isn’t Jägerschnitzel always salty?) but my fancy salad was truly fancy and delicious and Michael and I agreed that we haven’t had such fabulous spätzle in a long time.

Anyway, all this made Friday a much better day.  I was crazily over-busy at work all day (as I have been for a couple of weeks, as I’m working two jobs right now because I’m covering for Norris while he’s away in China — oh yeah, didn’t you know he’s a co-worker, as well as a neighbour and friend from university days?) and I came home exhausted, but Michael, bless him, already had dinner mostly done.  I had a nap while he put Jade to bed, then I went and got groceries, like all the cool people do on Friday night.  Depsite the fact that I hate doing groceries, it seemed like the most relaxed and unharrassed evening I’d had in months.  Hunh.  Isn’t that interesting?

Today’s been kind of like that, too.  There was a neighbourhood clean-up and barbeque and I started organizing the chaos in our basement, so it’s been a busy and productive day, but it’s seemed so relaxing.  Ya think I’ll remember this lesson again next time life starts getting stressful?