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Seeing stars

24 Nov

Last night, our babysitter told me that Halia had been asking for something at bedtime, but she couldn’t figure out what the child wanted.  Since Halia had her cuddly blankie, her special pillow, and her music playing, I couldn’t think of an answer, either.

But I figured it out tonight.

Last week one of us put Halia down for a nap without a diaper.  Well, the chances for in-crib precipitation at this point are about 50-50, and by the end of naptime, the sheets and blankets needed to be washed.  I remade Halia’s bed right at bedtime.  Since I don’t use fabric softener sheets, the crocheted blanket and fleece blankies were as full as static as they could possibly be.

I shook the blankets out as well as I could, but after the lights were off and I was tucking Halia in, there was still a lot of static left.  Have you ever tried making static electricity in the dark?  You see sparks!  There were so many flying electrons in Halia’s blankets, it made for quite a light show.  I didn’t want her to be upset by the stickiness of the static-filled blankets, so I said, “Look!  There are stars in your blankets!”

Well, every night since then she’s been asking for stars.  She’s only recently stopped calling them “winkles” and started saying “DAW!”  (Exclamation point absolutely mandatory.)  By the third or fourth night, of course, there were no sparks left, even when I rubbed the blankets together to try to make some.

“Sorry, Halia,” I told her.  “All the stars fell out.”  But that doesn’t keep her from asking me for them.  And asking Jennifer for them, too.

I guess I should wash her blankets again.